Thursday, 10 June 2010

Why can't I be you

It's difficult to call yourself a fan of Gaga, especially when she chops and changes so ruddy often, it's hard to keep up. I think I was a little too in love with the 'Telephone' package , so colourful and fun - whereas this new offering is just a little too much for me.

Is it just me or is this just some kind of video montage, an ode to Madonna through the ages?

So far I have noted Like a Prayer, Material Girl, Vogue, Express Yourself, Open up your heart, 4 Minutes and a smidge of Frozen. And that's all before even mentioning how Gaga's 'Alejandro' sounds like a cheap and nasty rip off of 'La Isla Bonita' (I mean who uses foreign accents in pop music anymore, I thought that ended with Geri's 'Mi Chico Latino'?) the beginning is a complete take off of Evita, and the gun bra...hello did some one say John Paul Gaultier?

Ok so yes I have followed Madonna through the ages, I may not like her as a person but god she's had some hits, and Gaga is a star in her own right but what are you doing woman? No, step away from the Madonna Greatest Hits Collection VHS that you have obviously been playing and just get on with being your own version of great.

Now for some Madonna, need you ask why?


Thursday, 3 June 2010

I'll get over you, I know I will (maybe)

Well I went into Benefit in Convent Garden today to pick up for usual quarterly supply of foundation/concealer that I have been an avid fan of for the past 3 years (I can't believe I have been faithful for that many years) and to my horror they no longer sell it!
I knew this day would come, I was dumb struck, so much so I allowed the grumpy shop assistant to attempt to cover up my right ballooning shiner of a spot with 'industrial strength concealer' and then continue to talk for ten minutes solid about said unwanted face furniture - way to make me feel good about myself woman.
She told me to stop eating cheese as well as chocolate, told me my use of waterproof mascara was likely to make my lashes fall out and rounded off her pitch by telling me if I spent 60 quid I could get some free straighteners which tend to overheat and burn you......Yet I still walked out with a bagful of new products, guilty and confused.
I did make her laugh by telling her I was off to buy myself a lump of cheese, this felt like quite the reward.
I just want to know what to do, with so many products to choose from and so much variation in price, how on earth do I decide what to pick? I can't afford to do trials and am loathe to sit at more make-up counters whilst the assistant discusses the shine content of my skin.
I found out today my friend uses 3 layers of 3 different foundations to create her dewy glow - WHO HAS THE TIME FOR THAT?
That's it, I give up - I vow to go naked skinned, think of the cash I'll save!

Foundation - I'll get over you, I know I will.


Bootiful colours

Design sponge is a fabulous daily blog and website with guest bloggers, sneek peaks into peoples houses, recipes, DIY and crafty projects, all sorts. It always has something interesting to look at. However, the new guest blogger in my mind has truly surpassed herself. Lauren Willhite from Color (US) Collective loves colours so much, that she collects images and splits up the colours and records the palettes. This is truly scrapbook heaven for me. Her actual blog is even better.

also, the sneek peak on Design Sponge from Karen Barlow today is so lovely.....