Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Quilty pleasures

Sister (good title eh ? shame its not mine - knicked it from libertys latest installation...)
FINALLY I think I have seen what I would like to do as a quilt / wall hanging -

I have so many little scraps of fabric - many that are sentimental but random colours. I don't think I have the treasure chest of fabrics that would work together in a colourful traditional styled quilt but I think this one would be lovely and not look too crazy.
Found via Guardian and their article on the V&A quilting exhibition. This quilt is the work of a prisoner "Instead of smashing up your cell you can channel your aggression in a positive way. I usually spend about two to three hours an evening doing tapestry work. It helps you realise there are alternatives to committing crime”, says one of the inmates at HMP Albany

Makes you think - sewing is so medative and relaxing - you have to be calm and slow.


Tuesday, 30 March 2010

mmmmmmm food mmmmm

I am really looking forward this weekend - 4 days off, seeing le famille, relaxing, chillaxing, maybe a bit of gardening (bit too wet and soggy so not sure it will happen - not because I am a woossy, its that the ground will be compacted and I'll only have to dig it over again. sorry, I digress. again) and COOKING !! OOhh I am looking forward to having the time to cook some nice stuff. So, ideas sister ? What do you fancy ? I will have a look at some recipes tonight and see what I have got in the archive (teehee) but I found these - what do you think ?

Roast Leg of Lamb stuffed with spinach and gremolata

Braised peas with leeks, little gem lettuces and mint

Cauliflower gratin

Hmmmm and for pudding ? Rhubarb and ginger crumble with vanilla custard and I think we'll need a massive cake for tea won't we ?

I also fancy something Italian for Saturday - and trying some new stuff. Any other ideas ? Not wedded to any of this but nice to keep to season eh ?


Monday, 29 March 2010

Does what it says on the tin

This is creepy

I totally agree with your new year proposition sister, let's rally for the year to start now! I feel so revitalised and ready to go, January just leaves me feeling bloated, poor and a little depressed. But now I feel ready to take on the world!
A suitably cheesy number that certainly makes me jiggle my booty and feel like I can do anything...


Happy New Year !

Sister, with the clocks going forward yesterday and the days lengthening, the start of "British Summer Time" heralds the new year to me, far more than cold dark yucky January 1st does. How can you make resolutions when you are depressed and tired ? No, January and February are hard enough as it is, without having to give up choc and excercise. Wrap up, watch movies, eat and sleep until the end of March I say. So, Happy New Year sister. Ah its worth waiting for after all. I have been out gardening/ clearing (more of that later), the buds swelling ready to pop with verdant leaves and pinky blossoms and writing lists of all the things I want to do this year. I feel energised and ready to go. I just can't wait for those lovely warm summer days. I was trying to find a song that was as optomistic, hopeful and excited as I feel, but nothing quite gets it, so I leave you with this - its an oldie that me and Macdaddy used to listen to loads driving around when we were carefree. It so reminds me of the summer.

Looking forward to lots of spring and summer adventures with you sister xxxxxxxxxxx

Saturday, 27 March 2010

The bitch is back

Sister, Nash is back and I'm not sure I'm that excited - it's not got the pop punch of 'Made of Bricks' it's just a little short of something. Also looking at her, well I was reminded a lot of Pamola Faith and that's no good thing, she's kind of snuck in and stolen the lime light in Nash's absence, yes Pamola is more styled and her music doesn't really match up to the outfits but I'm still left wondering is there room left for both of them?
I loved Nash, yes even after she told me (not personally), and the Norwich audience at her gig to shut up because she couldn't hear herself singing (don't make your music so ruddy catchy then!) but has she been away too long?
Yes this is the voice of fickle youth talking but well if you're gonna stay away that long, at least come back with another Foundations or Pumpkin Soup or Mariella, what is this Do ruddy dah aye? Lazy work Nash, and is it just me or does the video just look a bit 'done' - get over it love, you used to be my beacon; moody, stylish, eloquent (a beloved fan of annunciation), opinionated and ruddy fabulous...
This song is probably a grower, I will be raving about it in a couple of weeks


Friday, 26 March 2010

Ceci n'est pas un livre


I have been coverting one of these for years

from twentytwentyone (I love this shop, I could fill my house with this stuff. I digressed)

So imagine my glee when I discovered this DIY ?

I acutally think this is so much nicer and original.

Hmmm might not be digging after all this weekend.

Hope you have a good one sister. Really looking forward to seeing you next week.

I am going to leave you with some Friday cheese - you used to love these boys. And now I do too.

Probably not in the way they want me to.

You will be singing wo ooo wooo oooo hoooo all weekend now.

("Where I found love with uranus" dirty boys.)

Ruddy love you sister xxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

We got Specs appeal

Also found this lovely ode to specs on Jezebel - I love this website, last week they were having a debate on which cake rules over all competition. It's an American site so some of the references are lost on me (i.e they have a cake called 'a grasshopper') but still...
I hate it when people buy fake NHS style specs in an attempt to channel 'geek chic', as you can agree sister with your chum wanting to buy a pair. They certainly do look good on some people, but bless, not everyone! I remember when Mel B in the Spice Girls heyday was hailed as a trendsetter and icon for parading her poor eyesight and wearing her frames. But well, for people like us who simply can't ruddy see without them, it's a bit of a poke in the eye - yes we want to make this essential face furniture accessorise with our look but who can afford multiple frames and really at the end of the day I'd pick sight over blindness any day - its not really an option. This page celebrates ladies who wear their prescription with pride, whatever the weather!


Hey sister, so one of the perks of you not owning a TV is not having to waste precious moments watching the advert breaks, I am from the 'flick channels' school of thought, except this generally backfires as more often than not the decent channels go to break at the same time... Anywho, the ads are worth staying put for when they come like this...short but sweet, gotta love the butt spanking Spinning around Kylie style move! Oh and the shoes - good detail, do you think they are inspired by Bratz dolls?


Monday, 22 March 2010



This is so you - trashy audrey chic. £15 tescos with 20% on website !

Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Our Trace'


Been ridiculously busy at work. The only exciting thing that has happened is all my veg seeds have turned up today.

I am bereft of interesting things to blog about so I will ask you to look at this instead. It's Mark Lawson interviewing Tracey Emin. I am not sure when it was originally broadcast, it might not be new. I do love Tracey - I think she is fascinating and so honest, but so important - its an hour well spent ! Actually, all of the Mark's interviews are worth a watch.

Hope you had a fab day with the boy on Friday.

Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Mad world

Now I know everyone’s been talking about this but well it’s never too late to catch on, no I’m not talking about Glee! I managed to catch an episode of Mad Men last night, it was on pretty late but I’ve certainly been bitten! And sister it’s got a taste of Sex & the City with John Slattery starring, the politician that wanted to take a tinkle on Carrie (unfortunately I can’t get that out of my head watching him.)
Aside from the ladies’ wardrobe; bold prints and rich deep shades a plenty, there is predominantly something deliciously curt in the dialogue. Watching, I wasn’t sure if I was meant to look for meaning in the short crisp delivery, or accept it as a reflection of the times. But it certainly makes today’s TV look like we’re all cursed with verbal diarrhoea.


Monday, 15 March 2010

Doity rats

Scratchy noises in roof was keeping us awake, so operation 'sleep through the night' was sprung into action.
Whilst decanting nuggets of tasty rat poison in little feeding bowls the boy asked what we should do with the tub (budget bumper bucket bought as we are country folk). I said perhaps leave up in the loft if / when we need to put more out.
"but what if the rats eat the whole lot ?" I questioned, the boy answered "well more fool them".
Classic stuff.

glorious butter


Thank you for a fabulous saturday night with you and the boy. Yummy food you made. Following on from our 'topical debate' on lard - see this article (don't let the fact it is in the Daily Mail put you off)from lushious Clarissa Dickson Wright on the joys of butter. Her godfather made her promise on her 18th birthday that she would never eat margerine. "you have no idea what goes into it" he said. Please read it sister and show it to boy for comical disgust ! Butter good, marg bad. mmmmmmm just slathered a load on a hot cross bun. yum.

Hope your event went well and you home soon.

Love you sister xxxxxxxxxx

Saturday, 13 March 2010


Sister, have you seen the new Gaga & Beyonce vid? One word - Immense! It's an epic 9 and a half mins, but definately worth a look-in.

The positives - It's dripping with a sickly sweet (literally) dark wit
There's revealing saucy threads a plenty (the boy commented "what's this sexy vid your watching" it's nice that Gaga is now seen as sexy as opposed to strange)
Beyonce looks like Naomi Campbell - totally dig the yellow eye liner & Betty Page bangs

The negatives
Awkward Thelma & Louise screen grabs
Virgin Mobile endorsement
Having to think about Gaga's fanny (at the beginning)
Gaga snogging a he/she, I think it was a woman, but still stop it, we know you're 'sexual'

I absolutely love it when acts make a real effort for their videos, and I think this has been what's turned it around for me with regards to Gaga. Her earlier work was arrogant and plain annoying. But now, I guess with money & success has come the opportunity to really express herself and pull out all the stops - I'm converted! And who'd have thought Gaga n Beyonce could be such an excellent mix, I love evil Beyonce! Totally covert the electric blue jewel embellished circus coat - my heart goes out to you!
Finally I know Gaga has lost weight what with all the touring and jiggling about, but there's just something about her, I can't put my finger on it - she just looks more stunning these days...Go go gaga!



Thursday, 11 March 2010

oh sweet sweet liberty


Yes, love the 'Deacon look' (ref moss on Rimmel Ad!) - I am totally with you - very wearable but a new silhouette for the season. hmmm

Do you get the Liberty updates ? WELL ! Apparently Liberty's are doing a 'Quilty Pleasures' installation to coincide with the V&A Quilting exhibition. Gush. I am soooo looking forward to seeing that with you sister, and we should try and do it in the next month or so and pop into Liberty's to see this too. oh sis, I could post soooooo many pictures from these but have a look at the liberty blog for lovely things and

The Liberty Print archive. What I would do to grab a load of this !!

Isn't this fabulous stationary chic ?
And the new collection this season has so many swoonsome fabrics. I know I should be making blinds but I would love some cushions and aprons and little bags made from all sorts of new prints. These are my favorites tho'

And finally, on one of my fav blogs 'the beat that skipped my heart'
has posted a lovely find harmonie interiure that has the loveliest wall stickers and a new pretentious one for my wall........

Love you sister xxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Electricity - its pretty wearable

So sister, have you been following Paris Fashion Week? I'm quite partial to Mr Giles Deacon's show;

there's a bit of that ol' Maggie Thatcher Chic, my bedrock. Gorgeous flashes of coral under quite simple shapes with a bit of a utility feel but the collections a real mix of influences - 60s styled bouffants, Jessica Stam apparently wearing electricity as a dress, there even appears to be some channelling of Lady Ga Ga with kinetics inspired head-gear all besides over sized furry pompom bags with massive eyes. Its interesting!
And the models, well it was such a who's who and yes my current model crush old big lips Wixson was there! Although unfortunately her 'walk' did make me giggle, she's a bit too robot for my liking (stick to the photos love) flailing arms a plenty - you can really tell who the professionals are, you just have to watch them walk. It's like Beyonce in Sweet Dreams all over again, I'm watching with my jaw open, those swinging hips, really makes you appreciate the female form!
NEWSFLASH Flight of the Conchords are coming to Wembley in May - tickets are on sale Friday, I have reignited my obsession...


Sunday, 7 March 2010

Pigeons know how to party

I snapped this happy little pigeon earlier today, look he's nibbling birthday cake, it's totally like the best day EVER! And I've got a little of that wind in my sails (and that's not just because I had cabbage for lunch) my

Frank Sinatra inspired tribute to Christopher Bailey's LFW Autumn/Winter collection (yes you might say I'm a little obsessed) won a prize on the London Liberty Girl website! Unfortunately we didn't hit the top spot but a LFW Mulberry cotton Tote bag will be winging its way over! Mega! So thanks for pushing me to enter sis, well worth it!

It's the Affordable Art Fair next week at Battersea Park, I've managed to pick up some half price tickets (by walking into a gallery...) so wondered if you fancied popping along next weekend? xxxxx

Thursday, 4 March 2010

The Daily Bunny

Something you and 'the boys' might appreciate - The Daily Bunny

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Sis, its 'ground force' silly !!

Sister, yes, I saw Marina on J Wos a few weeks ago - she is beguiling and should go far as a front lady. Needs some good songs tho' !
You are right about Self - I know what you mean with his soporific voice, but it was really the subject I was interested in. There is another tonight, so I will be listening !

Anyway, this is another distraction from concentrating on a drawing, rather set of drawings and a dead line ! So, I will leave you with this - my thus far fav show from LFW (I know it is 'so last month') FYI I like outfits 7, 11, 28, 30, 31, 33 & 34. I can't copy any pics so you will have to look !! Its an obvious 'me' choice - manish tayloring with very femine fabrics. Really like it, and hope the very different proportions and shapes will filter down to the high street and into my wardrobe !

Love you sister xxxxx

Quite frankly yes

Hi sis, been having a listen to Will Self and although I get the gist, well I'm struck by two things
1. His voice warps me into a confused lull (this is not entirely unpleasant)
2. Unfortunately I can safely predict that even after a whole year's enjoyment of 'word of the day' I will still not have such vast a vocabulary as Self - I'm not sure what he's going on about...This doesn't make me thick does it sis? I know Radio 4 is meant to give a little more 'food for thought' but sorry it's a little over my head...Also I do dislike Self's reading voice, he should have learnt the text off by heart and spoke it as a soliloquy with some oomph - he sounds a bit dead.
Although yes I agree with the concept of art galleries being our modern day churches, we prey to many different gods these days, the boy to the god of football, you the god of cake and myself the god of America's Next Top Model/Project Runway! No I jest, religion has new meaning and a vast culture - Self sheds light on a fascinating subject, which would be made even better if I the vocab was just taken down a notch, to those with a more modest digestion of the English language.

Any way, here is a fuzzy snap of something I walk past everyday, it was a brilliant bright day today but you wouldn't know it because this was situated in a little basement flat walkway - planted water fountains! They have a little bit of the Garden Force "fill your wellington boots with pansies and muck" about them but only cooler!

Also, did you read Shazia Mirza's column this weekend in the Guardian, reminded me of our dad!

Also current obsession....

unfortunately I'm not sure the rest if the whole album is that great after listening to it over the weekend but she has such fierce deep vocals, there's something quite Tori Amos and Kate Bush about her and I like the cut of her jib!