Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Mad world

Now I know everyone’s been talking about this but well it’s never too late to catch on, no I’m not talking about Glee! I managed to catch an episode of Mad Men last night, it was on pretty late but I’ve certainly been bitten! And sister it’s got a taste of Sex & the City with John Slattery starring, the politician that wanted to take a tinkle on Carrie (unfortunately I can’t get that out of my head watching him.)
Aside from the ladies’ wardrobe; bold prints and rich deep shades a plenty, there is predominantly something deliciously curt in the dialogue. Watching, I wasn’t sure if I was meant to look for meaning in the short crisp delivery, or accept it as a reflection of the times. But it certainly makes today’s TV look like we’re all cursed with verbal diarrhoea.


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  1. Sister, it is beautiful isn't it. Bit too late in era for me (I prefer a decade or two earlier) but good to find another programme that is carefully styled and considered. I think you are right that the curt script and delivery is deliberate. Let me watch a couple more and get back to you on this one xxx