Sunday, 21 March 2010

Our Trace'


Been ridiculously busy at work. The only exciting thing that has happened is all my veg seeds have turned up today.

I am bereft of interesting things to blog about so I will ask you to look at this instead. It's Mark Lawson interviewing Tracey Emin. I am not sure when it was originally broadcast, it might not be new. I do love Tracey - I think she is fascinating and so honest, but so important - its an hour well spent ! Actually, all of the Mark's interviews are worth a watch.

Hope you had a fab day with the boy on Friday.

Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  1. I love Tracy too, after I read her autobiography Strangeland (the hardback one with the decent b&w cover, its all about the cover) I was quite in love with her but I think it was a relative who said that she hates and her thinks her vulgar. I think that this is just 'judging the book by the cover' (scuse the pun) but she can be a little cras but then that is her agenda, that is her style. She is excruciatingly honest and has always laid her history, her life & soul exposed for criticism and comment. I think that is something to be in awe of as I certainly couldn't be as honest and open as she is.
    She also has the most amazing figure, great tits! xxxxx