Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Electricity - its pretty wearable

So sister, have you been following Paris Fashion Week? I'm quite partial to Mr Giles Deacon's show;

there's a bit of that ol' Maggie Thatcher Chic, my bedrock. Gorgeous flashes of coral under quite simple shapes with a bit of a utility feel but the collections a real mix of influences - 60s styled bouffants, Jessica Stam apparently wearing electricity as a dress, there even appears to be some channelling of Lady Ga Ga with kinetics inspired head-gear all besides over sized furry pompom bags with massive eyes. Its interesting!
And the models, well it was such a who's who and yes my current model crush old big lips Wixson was there! Although unfortunately her 'walk' did make me giggle, she's a bit too robot for my liking (stick to the photos love) flailing arms a plenty - you can really tell who the professionals are, you just have to watch them walk. It's like Beyonce in Sweet Dreams all over again, I'm watching with my jaw open, those swinging hips, really makes you appreciate the female form!
NEWSFLASH Flight of the Conchords are coming to Wembley in May - tickets are on sale Friday, I have reignited my obsession...


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