Monday, 29 March 2010

Happy New Year !

Sister, with the clocks going forward yesterday and the days lengthening, the start of "British Summer Time" heralds the new year to me, far more than cold dark yucky January 1st does. How can you make resolutions when you are depressed and tired ? No, January and February are hard enough as it is, without having to give up choc and excercise. Wrap up, watch movies, eat and sleep until the end of March I say. So, Happy New Year sister. Ah its worth waiting for after all. I have been out gardening/ clearing (more of that later), the buds swelling ready to pop with verdant leaves and pinky blossoms and writing lists of all the things I want to do this year. I feel energised and ready to go. I just can't wait for those lovely warm summer days. I was trying to find a song that was as optomistic, hopeful and excited as I feel, but nothing quite gets it, so I leave you with this - its an oldie that me and Macdaddy used to listen to loads driving around when we were carefree. It so reminds me of the summer.

Looking forward to lots of spring and summer adventures with you sister xxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Isn't it lovely how a little light can bring us so much hope and inspiration - goodbye winter! xxxx

  2. I have never thought of BST like this before - what a positive outlook, thank you! I will be feeling better when it has stopped raining though... Roll on summer, here's hoping it's better than the last two :)