Saturday, 13 March 2010


Sister, have you seen the new Gaga & Beyonce vid? One word - Immense! It's an epic 9 and a half mins, but definately worth a look-in.

The positives - It's dripping with a sickly sweet (literally) dark wit
There's revealing saucy threads a plenty (the boy commented "what's this sexy vid your watching" it's nice that Gaga is now seen as sexy as opposed to strange)
Beyonce looks like Naomi Campbell - totally dig the yellow eye liner & Betty Page bangs

The negatives
Awkward Thelma & Louise screen grabs
Virgin Mobile endorsement
Having to think about Gaga's fanny (at the beginning)
Gaga snogging a he/she, I think it was a woman, but still stop it, we know you're 'sexual'

I absolutely love it when acts make a real effort for their videos, and I think this has been what's turned it around for me with regards to Gaga. Her earlier work was arrogant and plain annoying. But now, I guess with money & success has come the opportunity to really express herself and pull out all the stops - I'm converted! And who'd have thought Gaga n Beyonce could be such an excellent mix, I love evil Beyonce! Totally covert the electric blue jewel embellished circus coat - my heart goes out to you!
Finally I know Gaga has lost weight what with all the touring and jiggling about, but there's just something about her, I can't put my finger on it - she just looks more stunning these days...Go go gaga!



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  1. Love it sister ! This is such a visual feast. Its great when artists make an extra special effort with their 'brand', the look. Beyonce always does with hers doesn't she. I think Gaga is learning from the best eh ? Its so layered 'see, told you she doesn't have a dick' so good and tongue in cheek (eugh). Its like the 80's when video was so important. Re. vigin commercial et al - Mariah Carey does this a lot, not just in videos but associations with brands - I think music artists realise they can make money not just through music but their individual profile. Maybe we'll see much more of this product plancement. But do we really care if we get vidoes like this ? Certainly got everyone talking. xxxxxxx