Thursday, 11 March 2010

oh sweet sweet liberty


Yes, love the 'Deacon look' (ref moss on Rimmel Ad!) - I am totally with you - very wearable but a new silhouette for the season. hmmm

Do you get the Liberty updates ? WELL ! Apparently Liberty's are doing a 'Quilty Pleasures' installation to coincide with the V&A Quilting exhibition. Gush. I am soooo looking forward to seeing that with you sister, and we should try and do it in the next month or so and pop into Liberty's to see this too. oh sis, I could post soooooo many pictures from these but have a look at the liberty blog for lovely things and

The Liberty Print archive. What I would do to grab a load of this !!

Isn't this fabulous stationary chic ?
And the new collection this season has so many swoonsome fabrics. I know I should be making blinds but I would love some cushions and aprons and little bags made from all sorts of new prints. These are my favorites tho'

And finally, on one of my fav blogs 'the beat that skipped my heart'
has posted a lovely find harmonie interiure that has the loveliest wall stickers and a new pretentious one for my wall........

Love you sister xxxxxxxxxx

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  1. Oh sister love love love this post, I too was mulling over discussing this, but you beat me too it! So excited about the exhibtion and I will now sign up to Liberty's mailing list, I need to know more! I have signed up to so many things lately I feel damn culturally aware but a little flustered at the thought of what to do with it all! I gained Liberty's a new fan last week, I introduced my work chum to it - she didn't even know it existed, idiot! Hehehe

    Peace out