Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Quite frankly yes

Hi sis, been having a listen to Will Self and although I get the gist, well I'm struck by two things
1. His voice warps me into a confused lull (this is not entirely unpleasant)
2. Unfortunately I can safely predict that even after a whole year's enjoyment of 'word of the day' I will still not have such vast a vocabulary as Self - I'm not sure what he's going on about...This doesn't make me thick does it sis? I know Radio 4 is meant to give a little more 'food for thought' but sorry it's a little over my head...Also I do dislike Self's reading voice, he should have learnt the text off by heart and spoke it as a soliloquy with some oomph - he sounds a bit dead.
Although yes I agree with the concept of art galleries being our modern day churches, we prey to many different gods these days, the boy to the god of football, you the god of cake and myself the god of America's Next Top Model/Project Runway! No I jest, religion has new meaning and a vast culture - Self sheds light on a fascinating subject, which would be made even better if I the vocab was just taken down a notch, to those with a more modest digestion of the English language.

Any way, here is a fuzzy snap of something I walk past everyday, it was a brilliant bright day today but you wouldn't know it because this was situated in a little basement flat walkway - planted water fountains! They have a little bit of the Garden Force "fill your wellington boots with pansies and muck" about them but only cooler!

Also, did you read Shazia Mirza's column this weekend in the Guardian, reminded me of our dad!

Also current obsession....

unfortunately I'm not sure the rest if the whole album is that great after listening to it over the weekend but she has such fierce deep vocals, there's something quite Tori Amos and Kate Bush about her and I like the cut of her jib!

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