Saturday, 27 February 2010

Do you think we are getting a bit lax sis ?

Been a busy week for both of us, but no excuses to not keep up the chat !!
Listened to such an interesting piece on R4 this week, Will Self with the first Lenten talk in a seris on Religion and Art. I found it fascinating, only 15 mins, and it'll be gone in a couple of days.... listen ! He talked about churches being originally a place to display wealth and demonstrate taste in all, together with being a place for contemplation. Self argues that art galleries and museums are our contemporary churches - I think he has something !

Ruddy love you sis xxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Burberry blues

Sis that truly is a lovely scene of warmth and festivity, it reminds me a lot of the Mystery Jet's set up, quite eclectic, messy but with a great sense that's it's home, a cherished space. I wonder how 'effortless' the scene is?
Talking of scene's, these were the stealth shots I snapped for you of the Burberry set up as I jealously walked past on route to work, only a sad sad few steps away.
And you could watch the show LIVE, which I did, except not live but still, with my jaw gaping with the realisation that while I was stressing to complete a spreadsheet at 4pm yesterday, Anna Wintour, Carine Roitfeld, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Claire Danes, Emma Watson (obviously)
and Mario Testino (All spotted by me starring intently at the front row) were all lapping up the aviator styles stalking down the catwalk...really puts life into perspective!

So watch and enjoy, its quite long but still I quite fancy Christoper Bailey so its...nice. xxxx

Monday, 22 February 2010


Hi Sis,
I love how we are so into completely different things at the moment ! I am dribbling over lovely interiors at the moment. I noticed that there is a new Lonny Magazine (soooo many images have hit my scrap book this weekend) and just found this picture via design is mine by a photgrapher called Johnny Miller. I love the sparseness of his images but the interiors themselves and the general styling is just lovely. I want to live in the pictures !
Mmmm sometimes all I want to do is make things look nice....(heard that before !)
Lots of love sister xxxx

Sunday, 21 February 2010


Also sis, i'm thinking on the blazer - will do a proper search this week! I would like a denim dress, any ideas?
I have a new model crush - Lindsey Wixson. I saw her in LOVE magazine's new ad, it's so damn smoking, Katie Grand is the dream isn't she, I heart Grand!
But Wixson, look at those lips! She is like a real life Barbie doll with an over-inflated pout, I flipping love it and as you can imagine with lipstick - breathtaking, just fabulous!
Not as fabulous as you though


Hi sis, I've finally responded! It's been a bit of whirlwind weekend and yesterday I felt very much like this saggy tights creation, except as much as I'd have liked to, I don't think our bruv would have appreciated me sitting in me pants on the sofa all day, plus I wouldn't say my tits are reminiscent of a grapefruit, lets mull over that...
Anywho, this is not just a reflection of me after a heavy night, its actually a sample of Stella McCartney's new Liberty's window display. They're excellent sis, I joined in gleefully snapping away with the rest of them, who mostly seem to be men, the image below could explain this. The previous lot was a more romantic flouncy affair but the new set would certainly appeal to your humorous & 'deconstructed' sensibilities! (In this vein; an over sized blazer covering garden tool feet duly noted!)
The tights lady had a hint of Sarah Lucas' dry wit for me, and a bit of "screw it I can't be arsed" except 'she' still opts for the hat and matching undies, even if they are pulled up so far I search hard for Camel toe every time, despite the fact its a rag doll....just loved it, I'm a little ambivalent on what it's actually screaming to me but I'm lapping it up.

Predictably it was weeing it down whilst I had my nose pressed up against the window displays, I don't think this lace brella would be much help but what 'Carry on' British humour Stella's parading! Reminded me of a few festival mishaps, except minus the heels! Excellent!
Looking forward to seeing what Selfridge's London Fashion Week Windows have to offer, its all so Mannequin! Except minus the exquisite 80s bounce in the background. I'll mental note this...


Thursday, 18 February 2010


Also sister, I'd like a new blazer / jacket for S/S. Any ideas ?


Food glorious food !

Sister, LOVE the cake phone, would stop me talking so long on it ! Mmmmmm Fondant fancy. oh where was I ?! Anyway, after you were saying how much you liked Nigel Slaters Simple Suppers, I remembered I was going to tell you about Economy Gastronomy. It was on about the same time in the Autumn. Anyway, Allegra McEvedy is one of the chefs (the other Paul Merrett, they are both just lovely !) and one of the founders of Leon. Anyway, I am a bit late as the link to the Beeb site doesn't have any programmes for you and just a couple of reciepes (there is a book out tho')....BUT she is doing a sermon at the School Of Life in March on Gluttonany - sound like just my thang !
I love this place - there are so many good talks but they get sold out so quick.

Ruddy love you sister xxxxxx

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

A little of what you fancy

Well what a glorious day it was today! Apparently its back to the miserable rainy gloom tomorrow but for today let's revel in the glory of a beautiful spring day by listening to this...

Makes me want to cry every time, this version is even worse there's a massive great orchestra and then they bring out the big guns towards the end when the choir chirps up! Well that's me done for the day!
Today's word of the day - hypnagogic; very interesting not sure I'll ever use it but I'm now glad to say I know it well! Loving the Fashion Editor at Large blog, I like her tone!
Have you seen the new chocolate bar shaped phone sis? What will they think of next? I think if it was shaped like a cake, we might be more interested? Here is my interpretation of what that kind of phone would look like...
I know, my artistic skills truly know no bounds

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Well I needed one of these today its been peeing it down so much! (Fabulous lizard-like cape featured in a Trendland number on Issey Miyake).

So yes its been bliss to know I can come home to pancakes and the Brits! I've been so excited about the latter for quite some time and well yet again I'm disappointed! Sometimes it just doesn't feel like they make enough effort - or maybe they're trying too hard? Wasn't too sure on that Cheryl Cole number, Gaga was obviously 'memorable' and gad love her she does deserve the awards. Robbie was off key and Florence has such amazing material why do they cling to You've got the love???? Must say I quite liked Ellie Goulding's hair did you notice? It was a grey blond on top with a more platinum blond below, quite different but subtle, sums her up really!

Anywho, here is my latest purchase, a fabulous suede and leather (I expect its pleather) satchel-esq bag from Absolute Vintage off Brick Lane. I love it, assumed the suede wasn't real and despite all my best attempts to shove it down my coat (protecting it as if it twere an unborn child) I still managed to get some rain spots on it (come on it was bucketing it down!) the boy just laughed, yeah real helpful! Still I don't care, it's going to be battered and loved!

What do you think? I think it cements the fact that we are becoming the same person sister!
That pancake recipe looks absolutely yum! For savoury we had pork in a sticky plum sauce (unfortunately sachet born) with shredded cucumber n spring onion and then good ol' lemon n sugar for afters mmmm batter baby well and truly developed.

A bit of Cat Power is perfect listening for lounging listening to the pouring rain, moping about tarnished new purchases and rubbing a stuffed belly...
Ruddy love you sis xxxxx

oooh so much to tell you .......

Oh day. Did I tell you that weez's boy might have the opportunity to live and work in neaw yooorrrrrrkkkkk ? grr.

Anyway, love the murder mystery theme for the new season collection. I think designers are going a bit more off piste nowadays - with so much being streamed on the internet (especially at London's fashion week) they have got to fight a little harder to get attention as it is so much more accessable to the public. Funnily enough Pa and I were talking about your tickets to LFW and he said why don't they sell tickets and I bought out the usual that it was a commercial enterprise, had to be exclusive and only available to those who either buy or sell the 'wares' (or 'wears' ooh clever sis). So when I was reading The Sartorialist today, I was surprised that he was thinking the same, that soon the catwalk shows will be open to the public and we'll be buying tickets. Not such a strange idea - seems obvious ? So our pa is both ahead of his time, canny business man AND a sartorialist !!

Anyway, I have discovered a new blog sister ...Fashion Editor At Large I really like her writing and ideas - love the bag blog from a few days ago and the Alexander McQueen tribute AND her model crush, Tati Cotliar. I so know what she means. Worth daily checking sis.

Change of subject, I forgot that you didn't have the word of the day link - here. Is brilliant and I get a new word every day - sometimes I know them, sometimes completely new. Good for the grey cells. You'll love it.

Finally, in homage to this truly fabulous Tuesday, a yum yummy yum yum pancake recipe and don't forget to watch the Brit Awards !

Ruddy love you sister xxxxx

Monday, 15 February 2010

Murder Mystery

Well look at this for an inspirational and fabulously 'indie' way to reveal a new collection - Rachel Antonoff has unveiled her latest looks in the East Village, NY (Oh one day sister) with a murder mystery set-up. Inspired by detectives, Antonoff's models just oozed 70s chic, sporting a youthful breeze of cocktail dresses, decadent silks, pussybows and boyish shorts all topped off with this season's staple; the Brogue. Gorgeous!
Head to Fashionista to see more shots from the show.

(And listen to this whilst you do...)

Now Glee sister, not something I would have thought of as your kinda scene...I would have thought it embodied everything you hate? It does look funny, I just haven't got round to watching a full episode yet, the one episode I tried to watch had their version of Gold Digger and I found it more than a little cringe worthy, and not in a good way - but when I hear the Glee version of Journey on the radio, well it does make me smile! Damnit i've just been watching clips and its made me want to watch more!
Anywho, i've been having a read around for a mini-break for you and Lisbon does just sound wonderful, I want to go! Lots of lovely food, Art Nouveau buildings, shopping, contemporary art galleries and flea markets! (I read about all this here) Lots to fit in but what a wonderful break!
Send me a postcard!
Ruddy love you sis
(Those pictures of the meal are still making me smack my lips, mmm that starter and those burgers! The pudding well, that knocked the life out of us hehe a sugar coma well and trully descended upon us!)

Happy Monday Sister !

Friday, 12 February 2010

Do your stuff....

I know I have asked you this before but with your vast Euro pop knowledge of city breaks, can you recommend somewhere for me and the boy to go in March for a few days - I fancy lisbon as it might be warm-ish - anywhere else ?

AND have you seen 'Glee' ? I have just discovered it - I LOVE IT !!

Wun wabbit wun wabbit wun

I've just seen that little bunny in the garden again....THIS TIME I MEANT BUSINESS.
I've had a peak around where it darted and there is a ruddy hole !! The little s*£%s. That bunny has had ALL my sprouting broccoli and wall flowers and just about anything else that looks yummy. So, I have shoved a couple of bricks down the hole. They will probably burrow another hole in, but it'll make them think twice about messing with me. humph

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Saturday ! Saturday ! is party night !

Ok sister, FINALLY I am putting up the fun form Saturday night....... there is no point me writing lots about it, frankly the pics say it all.

So, we headed back to your neck of the woods whilst the boys went out and we stayed in with Cazza.

We planned a 5 course meal...not sure it was that in the end ? Well anyway, we started with your apple mojitos which were well lush !

Then the other courses were ......

Fig, red leaf and serrano ham salad -

this was so lush.

And 'My big fat greek burgers'

Then this is what it looked like on the table ! Your table cloth looked lovely.

Ginger helping out

Nice buns

And the pudding, should have looked like this......

Actaully looking like .........

And it went daaaaaaannnnnneeeeeee man........

the sisters wigging out !

It was so nice seeing you sister.....lovely night. Its now time to arrange out big day out in the smoke !! Do it sister ! Do it naaaawwwwwww !

Love you sister xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, 8 February 2010

Country Girl

Something to cheer us for a dreary Monday lunch - I love this video, she is just having the best time and looks fabulous - don't think i'd wear it myself but she looks wicked! Especially the platforms strapped with warning tape!
I'm not sure it's exactly a truthful image of country girls but I know when I first went to uni people thought i'd never seen alcohol before, perhaps I am more like this 'country girl' than I realise...
Primal Scream - Country Girl

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Teach yourself

Good choice sis, I may have to choose a Monday song, Monday's are rubbish (I won't pick Boomtown Rats - too obvious!). So anywho, I was looking through the old Teach Yourself Dressmaking book ma gave me (its got that amazing old library book smell mmm) to find out how to do a 'Mitred' corner on the table cloth i'm finishing off for Cazza (one year late!). Unfortunately the book didn't cover it, so good old youtube stepped in. But I sat and read through the introduction and it just made me smile to see that a book first written in 1939 could speak of fashion and style as we still do today - nothing changes does it.
xxxxx (sorry I don't have a scanner so the writing isn't as clear as i hoped...)

I heart the weekend

I love Fridays and Saturdays (who doesn't?). Sister, shall we have a Friday choon post every week ? Anyway, its Saturday morning my favourite time of the week and I am getting ready to see you. I am soo excited, lets boogie !

p.s. my eyes don't deceive me. there is a ruddy wab in the garden. Don't know how its there. I could ruin my garden plans. They hoover everything tasty up !! grr I feel like elmer fudd.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Big box little box

Ah sis, the bulbs ma gave me are yet to bloom…I have a peak outside to check on them every day, they’re growing but slowly! Show’s who’s got the green fingers in this family, but then that’s why you work with them!
So last night me and the boy went to see Etienne de Crecy's Beats 'n' Cubes at the Koko. He DJs from within a massive scaffold rigged with lights amongst a massive visual setup. If I could compare the visual spectacular to anything pop related (because that’s my bag) it would be this…

except minus the ladies. It was a real feat, except I did feel a little bit dazed by the end! Dirty Vegas were supporting which was lush, to be honest I’d forgotten about them but they were pretty intense and the singer has such a gorgeous gravelly soulful voice live; like it. I’ve been listening to them on MySpace but it doesn’t really do them justice, that and the singer’s tambourine wielding is a sight in itself, him and that ‘rine don’t half get some height!
Talking of height I was stuck behind the tallest man ever all through Etienne, he made the boy look like a bean, I had to jump to catch a glimpse over his shoulder. I had the usual “get to the back mate” jibes whistling through my head, but well we all want to enjoy ourselves don’t we, the boy used to get that a lot so I’ve learnt to accept we all want a good view. At least I had plenty of space to dance, seen as no one else was silly enough to directly behind him!

Ruddy love you - as apparently do the underground staff; getting off the tube today, the guy standing on the platform doing the announcements told everyone “I love you” brought a few grins to the faces of the morning commuters, I wonder if they get told off for that?

Wednesday, 3 February 2010


More optimism - my bulbs are flowering ! I don't care that they look a mess and are flopping all over the place (the amaryllis beloware HUGE and are tied up with string) but isn't it life affirming to see the flowers coming up in the winter ? Spring is just round the corner now.....
How are yours doing sis ?

Monday, 1 February 2010

Carry on up the duff

Well sis, I have just read your next blog and well I have responded to your previous so…I will have to mull over your second. Also I was going to write something incredibly unimportant about pens…so I’ll save that for more of a ‘lazy’ day hehehe.

Ah sis I truly am digging this opportunity to harp on atop our soap boxes, why didn’t we do this sooner? I totally agree with everything you said, it’s interesting actually that nowadays basically women can do what ever they want – it’s the men that are restricted especially in fashion and employment. If a woman wants to be a butcher or a builder good on her, but a man wants to be a nanny, well it’s hardly celebrated is it? Boyfriend blazer, boyfriend Jeans, ladies once bored of their own wardrobe can just explore their lover’s. But David Beckham in that skirt, well we all know what we thought. But times are changing; men are getting manicures nowadays what will be next?

Will we see a complete role reversal, will we see this revolution go full circle or as you touched on with women having the power in child birth, will women become completely independent of men?
Although interestingly Scott Moore, apparently the 2nd man ever to get pregnant is due to drop this month, could this spark the beginning of a new balance of power? It’s a pretty queasy thought but could this be the future?

Any who, there’s certainly one woman that we will both agree is a female icon for the now; (even if it is purely because she is so ruddy amazing) Beyonce. Well flicking the music channels the other day I’d forgotten this gem, before Sweet Dreams & Single Ladies was this jaw dropping joy. Who ever has styled her has actually chosen some more flouncy & romantic outfits rather than the norm which frequently leaves little to the imagination.
The sweat in the opening scene, the accentuated gum chews when she’s draping herself over Jay-Z, dancing in the dust and oh all the gloves – it’s a feast for the eyes. This was Beyonce before she became a woman, god I love her.

I ruddy love you more though! (Goes without saying) xxxx

What will happen when she get's pregnant, food for thought? No she will just look even more fabulous, damnit!

Not more !!

Sis, I will stop banging on about this, but heard a really interesting bit on Womans Hour (can listen to just this item here also) on Radio 4 today about equality of men and women in the workplace - namly parental leave.

Apparently from 2011, fathers will have the right of up to 6 months paternity leave assuming that the female partner has gone back to work. Essentially meaning that the statutory years parental leave could be shared between both partners.

I found this enthralling because following on from my point yesterday about 'women not yet gaining real equality yet, but could they ever ? etc ', a guy called Richard Reeves from a think tank Demos said that there was a real asymmetry between men and women in the work place and there is a risk premium associated with women (since they can have babies and have rights to long periods away from work with their jobs held open - therefore costing business), making it hard for women to compete with men.
He said "what we need is real equality in the division of labour and caring for children and then we might just get close to equality in the workplace."

He put it so simply - only when this happens and there is real choice might women start being equal in the work place. Fascinating.

Is this something you think about ? I am older than you and acutely aware at my age I am one of these 'risky women' - you however perhaps are not aware of this thread in the media yet ? Or are you ?

Food for thought ?

Love you sis xxxxxxxx