Tuesday, 16 February 2010

oooh so much to tell you .......

Oh NYC...one day. Did I tell you that weez's boy might have the opportunity to live and work in neaw yooorrrrrrkkkkk ? grr.

Anyway, love the murder mystery theme for the new season collection. I think designers are going a bit more off piste nowadays - with so much being streamed on the internet (especially at London's fashion week) they have got to fight a little harder to get attention as it is so much more accessable to the public. Funnily enough Pa and I were talking about your tickets to LFW and he said why don't they sell tickets and I bought out the usual that it was a commercial enterprise, had to be exclusive and only available to those who either buy or sell the 'wares' (or 'wears' ooh clever sis). So when I was reading The Sartorialist today, I was surprised that he was thinking the same, that soon the catwalk shows will be open to the public and we'll be buying tickets. Not such a strange idea - seems obvious ? So our pa is both ahead of his time, canny business man AND a sartorialist !!

Anyway, I have discovered a new blog sister ...Fashion Editor At Large I really like her writing and ideas - love the bag blog from a few days ago and the Alexander McQueen tribute AND her model crush, Tati Cotliar. I so know what she means. Worth daily checking sis.

Change of subject, I forgot that you didn't have the word of the day link - here. Is brilliant and I get a new word every day - sometimes I know them, sometimes completely new. Good for the grey cells. You'll love it.

Finally, in homage to this truly fabulous Tuesday, a yum yummy yum yum pancake recipe and don't forget to watch the Brit Awards !

Ruddy love you sister xxxxx

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