Sunday, 21 February 2010


Hi sis, I've finally responded! It's been a bit of whirlwind weekend and yesterday I felt very much like this saggy tights creation, except as much as I'd have liked to, I don't think our bruv would have appreciated me sitting in me pants on the sofa all day, plus I wouldn't say my tits are reminiscent of a grapefruit, lets mull over that...
Anywho, this is not just a reflection of me after a heavy night, its actually a sample of Stella McCartney's new Liberty's window display. They're excellent sis, I joined in gleefully snapping away with the rest of them, who mostly seem to be men, the image below could explain this. The previous lot was a more romantic flouncy affair but the new set would certainly appeal to your humorous & 'deconstructed' sensibilities! (In this vein; an over sized blazer covering garden tool feet duly noted!)
The tights lady had a hint of Sarah Lucas' dry wit for me, and a bit of "screw it I can't be arsed" except 'she' still opts for the hat and matching undies, even if they are pulled up so far I search hard for Camel toe every time, despite the fact its a rag doll....just loved it, I'm a little ambivalent on what it's actually screaming to me but I'm lapping it up.

Predictably it was weeing it down whilst I had my nose pressed up against the window displays, I don't think this lace brella would be much help but what 'Carry on' British humour Stella's parading! Reminded me of a few festival mishaps, except minus the heels! Excellent!
Looking forward to seeing what Selfridge's London Fashion Week Windows have to offer, its all so Mannequin! Except minus the exquisite 80s bounce in the background. I'll mental note this...


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