Thursday, 4 February 2010

Big box little box

Ah sis, the bulbs ma gave me are yet to bloom…I have a peak outside to check on them every day, they’re growing but slowly! Show’s who’s got the green fingers in this family, but then that’s why you work with them!
So last night me and the boy went to see Etienne de Crecy's Beats 'n' Cubes at the Koko. He DJs from within a massive scaffold rigged with lights amongst a massive visual setup. If I could compare the visual spectacular to anything pop related (because that’s my bag) it would be this…

except minus the ladies. It was a real feat, except I did feel a little bit dazed by the end! Dirty Vegas were supporting which was lush, to be honest I’d forgotten about them but they were pretty intense and the singer has such a gorgeous gravelly soulful voice live; like it. I’ve been listening to them on MySpace but it doesn’t really do them justice, that and the singer’s tambourine wielding is a sight in itself, him and that ‘rine don’t half get some height!
Talking of height I was stuck behind the tallest man ever all through Etienne, he made the boy look like a bean, I had to jump to catch a glimpse over his shoulder. I had the usual “get to the back mate” jibes whistling through my head, but well we all want to enjoy ourselves don’t we, the boy used to get that a lot so I’ve learnt to accept we all want a good view. At least I had plenty of space to dance, seen as no one else was silly enough to directly behind him!

Ruddy love you - as apparently do the underground staff; getting off the tube today, the guy standing on the platform doing the announcements told everyone “I love you” brought a few grins to the faces of the morning commuters, I wonder if they get told off for that?

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