Thursday, 18 February 2010

Food glorious food !

Sister, LOVE the cake phone, would stop me talking so long on it ! Mmmmmm Fondant fancy. oh where was I ?! Anyway, after you were saying how much you liked Nigel Slaters Simple Suppers, I remembered I was going to tell you about Economy Gastronomy. It was on about the same time in the Autumn. Anyway, Allegra McEvedy is one of the chefs (the other Paul Merrett, they are both just lovely !) and one of the founders of Leon. Anyway, I am a bit late as the link to the Beeb site doesn't have any programmes for you and just a couple of reciepes (there is a book out tho')....BUT she is doing a sermon at the School Of Life in March on Gluttonany - sound like just my thang !
I love this place - there are so many good talks but they get sold out so quick.

Ruddy love you sister xxxxxx

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