Monday, 15 February 2010

Murder Mystery

Well look at this for an inspirational and fabulously 'indie' way to reveal a new collection - Rachel Antonoff has unveiled her latest looks in the East Village, NY (Oh one day sister) with a murder mystery set-up. Inspired by detectives, Antonoff's models just oozed 70s chic, sporting a youthful breeze of cocktail dresses, decadent silks, pussybows and boyish shorts all topped off with this season's staple; the Brogue. Gorgeous!
Head to Fashionista to see more shots from the show.

(And listen to this whilst you do...)

Now Glee sister, not something I would have thought of as your kinda scene...I would have thought it embodied everything you hate? It does look funny, I just haven't got round to watching a full episode yet, the one episode I tried to watch had their version of Gold Digger and I found it more than a little cringe worthy, and not in a good way - but when I hear the Glee version of Journey on the radio, well it does make me smile! Damnit i've just been watching clips and its made me want to watch more!
Anywho, i've been having a read around for a mini-break for you and Lisbon does just sound wonderful, I want to go! Lots of lovely food, Art Nouveau buildings, shopping, contemporary art galleries and flea markets! (I read about all this here) Lots to fit in but what a wonderful break!
Send me a postcard!
Ruddy love you sis
(Those pictures of the meal are still making me smack my lips, mmm that starter and those burgers! The pudding well, that knocked the life out of us hehe a sugar coma well and trully descended upon us!)

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