Sunday, 30 May 2010

Ageless Style

Vogues new issue is brilliant ! I have devoured it already. It's their annual 'ageless' issue and the whole thing is great with a special feature on the supermodel. This picture started the phenomenon;

and this video made the same girls into supermodels.

(there is a better clearer version of this on utube but no code to get it !!)

I love Naomi at the beginning of this video. oh it makes me want to do big hair and make up (I've got the big curves - ahem

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

And now for something a little different...

I really want to see this!

When I saw it advertised at the beginning of 'Planet Terror', I along with many others thought it was an elaborate fake of a trailer but no no no, Machete is due out this summer - fantastic!


Sunday, 23 May 2010

It's show time !

The biggest show (ok flower show) on earth has come to town and I've surprised myself how exciting it is. I was getting a bit blase about it this year, that was until I stepped on site to set up our humble trade stand at the Chelsea Flower Show.

It's a real priviledge to waltz in freely whilst the show is being set up. Its organised chaos and I was thrilled to be amongst it. There is a real buzz - sunny weather helps, plants everywhere and the fresh smell of compost ! This is what Chelsea looks like just 2 days before it opens !

As per, there are lots of purple iries (sure winner to flower at this time of year) and green foilage but I am giving you the offical sistermash Chelsea Preview - multi stemmed trees, purple foilage and a touch of the exotic can be seem right across the gardens. I always find it fascinating how designers are all influenced to come up with the similar themes year on year. It is the same in other creative disciplines - in the fashion industry you will oft see the same ideas and themes down the catwalk. How does this happen ? Sorry, I digress, finally, there was more lush abundance of frothy flowers like champagne bubbles across the gardens. I wonder whether this is a back lash against our asutere times. Previous years, gardens have felt more disciplined and restrinaed than what I saw this year. I am still thinking about this, will develop my ideas as the week progresses and will let you know.....

Its going to be a long week !

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Flapper phase

So I'm going to a 1920s themed cocktail party on Saturday so I have the usual dressing up conundrum of trying to find somewhere decent to wear that won't cost me the earth. My normal answer is to make something but I'm yet to find some decent, reasonable sewing shops here - I know its London so there must be, I just need to dedicate a day to doing a bit of a hunt down!

But anyway, as usual I digress, whilst hunting for inspiration for my costume I came across some gorgeous 1920s inspired photographs, the Jazz age just screams style doesn't it!

And a little something related that always brings a smile to my face! They're just having so much fun! Beautiful! Enjoy xxx

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Nibble nation

Apart from eating food, there is nothing I like more than reading about food. Nige as you know is my big love nosh hero. He actually like eating. Yes ! And when he writes you can taste what he is describing. dribble.

So, how pleased was I to find this blog - Recipe Rifle Esther is (newly) married to a food critic, and there are lovely insights into this world. The last few posts are about the wedding etc still good, but scroll back down a bit - she tries cooking all sorts of stuff (so you don't have to make the same mistakes !!) and writes in a very funny sharp witted way.

I really like this blog.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Words escape me

So the other day there was a girl in the office wearing the most amazing silk cropped trousers. I complimented her as you do and waited for that vital exchange, the insider's tip-off; where she nabbed the fabulous garb, frozen for fear she will utter that familiar and disappointing word - "Vintage". But all I got was a thank you.
I heard a colleague do exactly the same, and again just the thank you.
Am I stupid to assume we deserved answers, isn't it just the art of this kind of conversation; you give to receive and all that. Yes the compliment was deserved they were gorgeous trousers. But ladies can't be greedy, even if it was a charity shop bargain aren't we are all happy to revel in one woman's success and applaud the bargain, secretly noting the outlet for future hunting?
Perhaps the girl in question just wanted to keep the shopper's paradise to herself, I like to think she was perhaps embarrassed by their 'humble' beginnings, or was she simply being naive? Why wouldn't she tell me? Perhaps I should have just asked...lesson in subtlety learnt! So instead I intended to take it upon myself to scour the net to find a similar pair so I could dribble over the screen and hope you understand my pain - but there really should be a website for this kind of thing as my hunt has been most unproductive! This pair is the only thing that comes close...
Except they're Dries Van Norton, £355.00 and far, far too 'busy' to be the pair in question...god her tight lipped reaction has given me rage! I need a release...this will do.