Sunday, 2 May 2010

Words escape me

So the other day there was a girl in the office wearing the most amazing silk cropped trousers. I complimented her as you do and waited for that vital exchange, the insider's tip-off; where she nabbed the fabulous garb, frozen for fear she will utter that familiar and disappointing word - "Vintage". But all I got was a thank you.
I heard a colleague do exactly the same, and again just the thank you.
Am I stupid to assume we deserved answers, isn't it just the art of this kind of conversation; you give to receive and all that. Yes the compliment was deserved they were gorgeous trousers. But ladies can't be greedy, even if it was a charity shop bargain aren't we are all happy to revel in one woman's success and applaud the bargain, secretly noting the outlet for future hunting?
Perhaps the girl in question just wanted to keep the shopper's paradise to herself, I like to think she was perhaps embarrassed by their 'humble' beginnings, or was she simply being naive? Why wouldn't she tell me? Perhaps I should have just asked...lesson in subtlety learnt! So instead I intended to take it upon myself to scour the net to find a similar pair so I could dribble over the screen and hope you understand my pain - but there really should be a website for this kind of thing as my hunt has been most unproductive! This pair is the only thing that comes close...
Except they're Dries Van Norton, £355.00 and far, far too 'busy' to be the pair in question...god her tight lipped reaction has given me rage! I need a release...this will do.


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  1. But maybe they were from primarche and they didn't want you to copy them and look EVEN more fabulous in them !! Where is feminine solidarity between shopping and sharing your finds. Humph maybe you were too subtle.

    Oh and I think this is one of my fav madonna songs. good choice