Sunday, 30 May 2010

Ageless Style

Vogues new issue is brilliant ! I have devoured it already. It's their annual 'ageless' issue and the whole thing is great with a special feature on the supermodel. This picture started the phenomenon;

and this video made the same girls into supermodels.

(there is a better clearer version of this on utube but no code to get it !!)

I love Naomi at the beginning of this video. oh it makes me want to do big hair and make up (I've got the big curves - ahem

1 comment:

  1. Wow i've never actually watched George's vid all the way through, its so damn 'sexy' isn't it, smoking some might say! You can totally see how it made them household names, but who are the guys, what happened to them aye? Cindy Crawford just looks amazing, and Christy, oh Christy that bone structure - just breath-taking! Tatjana also looks fabulous, but she seemed to fade into the background as a model - maybe she just wasn't fierce enough! xxx