Sunday, 23 May 2010

It's show time !

The biggest show (ok flower show) on earth has come to town and I've surprised myself how exciting it is. I was getting a bit blase about it this year, that was until I stepped on site to set up our humble trade stand at the Chelsea Flower Show.

It's a real priviledge to waltz in freely whilst the show is being set up. Its organised chaos and I was thrilled to be amongst it. There is a real buzz - sunny weather helps, plants everywhere and the fresh smell of compost ! This is what Chelsea looks like just 2 days before it opens !

As per, there are lots of purple iries (sure winner to flower at this time of year) and green foilage but I am giving you the offical sistermash Chelsea Preview - multi stemmed trees, purple foilage and a touch of the exotic can be seem right across the gardens. I always find it fascinating how designers are all influenced to come up with the similar themes year on year. It is the same in other creative disciplines - in the fashion industry you will oft see the same ideas and themes down the catwalk. How does this happen ? Sorry, I digress, finally, there was more lush abundance of frothy flowers like champagne bubbles across the gardens. I wonder whether this is a back lash against our asutere times. Previous years, gardens have felt more disciplined and restrinaed than what I saw this year. I am still thinking about this, will develop my ideas as the week progresses and will let you know.....

Its going to be a long week !

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  1. Wow you're an insider! So interesting to see these events develop from the very 'roots' haha, and to think of all the work that goes into one week - what does the winning garden actually get? The acclaim and a shiny trophey for the mantle piece? Love the idea of frothy champagne blooms - so poetic xxx