Sunday, 31 January 2010

Sunday night already ........

So glad you like your hair cut and the boy too. Sounds like a good hairdresser sis - they are so hard to find. Thinking of going back as I said to that old one I had, she was a bit too fond of thinning my hair out but it always sat right and I got lots of complements from her haircuts.....

Anyway, thanks for posting the vids - I had tears in my eyes watching the Spice Girls again ! It was a memorable performance and so of its time. That was the year that was, what with New Labour etc. It was a strange time wasn't it then ? I think the 80's was defined by money and ambition and the 90's kinda forgot that, almost blasé about what had happened the decade before. Women in the 80's were out trying to 'have it all' and following Maggie, expected to achieve the same as men....somehow that seemed a bit forgotten in the 90's - I might be talking trash but the Spice Girls resembled a new era - girls going out there being girls and still achieving (they were just 5 'girls next door', not particularly talented (ahem), beautiful or bright). We could write a dissertation on Spice Girls and Feminism but they certainly bought something new didn't they ? Other Girl bands were just that, just pretty girls 'performing'. The Spice Girls managed themselves and knew what they wanted - the world ! Unfortunately they weren't all really what they seemed - ravaged by eating disorders and depression, not quite the confident 'own' women image they presented. Maybe we can't actually have it all ? *

I think of Noodles saying years ago that we were bereft of strong female women in the music industry - not since the 80's rock chicks and divas had there really been our fair share of high profile creative women - yes, for sure the cream rises to the top, but there were only a few. I think it took a good decade for women to come out again in force - take the music industry and note how many popular and critically acclaimed female artists there are now. Do think they were inspired by the Spice Girls as little girls like you ?

We live in a very exciting era - personally I am not sure it is especially creative in any way (take another decade and recognise its individuality - aren't we just churning out the old stuff in a Noughties stylee ?) BUT we have more opportunities than ever (both as men or women) to do, achieve or be what we want. There are no excuses. Sure nepotism will give you a head start** but a teeny tiny bit of talent/ skill and a LOT of hard work will get you where ever you want nowadays.

Perhaps this is a little too much of a contrast, but I love this picture from 1910 by Christopher Pratt, Bradford .

From the Guardians' 100 years of great press photographs.
Totally different era - perhaps history at school should contrast our own times with other more readily rather than just outlining the regular time lines and questions. It really isn't that long ago ? Look at these women. It was such a hard time for the working classes and they knew opportunities rarely existed out of that hardship. But look at the friendships and sparkle the women have. They still look optimistic. I am not sure what I am trying to say here but I wish people recognised jsut how far we have come (however, refer back to * !).

Phew, shall I call it a day on this rant ? Anyway, good to remember how optimistic I felt about 1997 - the Spice Girls epitomise that for me. And I still feel that girl power !!

Ruddy love you spice sister xxxxxxxxxxxxx

* We haven't managed it yet, and I wonder that being able to have babies put us at a power disadvantage to men. Are they jealous and distrustful of our capabilties - what can they do that we can't ? So how come we still can't have it all ? Can we ever have it all ? Do we really want to ? Does anyone know the answer ? Not sure I even know the question I am asking.

**Made me sick the other day - Annie Lennox's and Paul Weller's offspring, with an actress, Clara Paget, doing a shoot for Times' Style magazine, showing Charlotte Temperleys new defusion collection. I wouldn't mind if they actually did something, but JUST being a child of someone who is successful ? Have some dignity !

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Hairy Moments

Sister you can look life this (I like the blouse) god she’s a beauty, I want to be her too.
Today, I finally had my hair cut which was actually for once an enjoyable experience. Both me and the boy for once got the dos we wanted – imagine that! And, I learnt that my hair can look Charlotte-esq groomed and bouncy, what’s going on? I didn’t want to throw a bag over my head as soon as I left! The hairdresser explained everything she was doing and even explained the right way to back-comb (an important tool for me!). If you fancy waiting to get your bonce seen to for a few weeks I would highly recommend this place in Clapham, even got a head massage, you’d be in heaven, I was a little uncomfortable…I think I’m like mum in that way!
But well, my stylist; an Australian lovely, reminded me very much of Geri Halliwell. The ginger & blonde was rife, but she looked fabulous with a modest, less cultivated rack! So I couldn’t help but come home thinking of the Spice Girls’ 2010 Brit Award nomination for most memorable performance ever (as it’s the Brit’s 30th).

Oh my, every time I watch this I get a lump in my throat, I don’t know why I just feel so emotional watching it. I still think its one of the best pop songs ever; I don’t think I’ll ever be so affected by another group. And I think they would still be really successful if they were starting out today, they just had something and defied ‘fashion’ by creating their own style. Oh it was love at first sight wasn’t it sis, I know you’ve heard me harp on about them so, and I was so disappointed when we saw them again at the O2, they just didn’t have ‘it’ anymore. Which is such a shame but perhaps these things are best left in the past.
So please enjoy, it fills with so much excitement and joie de vivre as they say, I’m glad they burnt out when they did, I just don’t think I could have coped otherwise, the excitement would have been too much.

But don’t worry sis, I found something for you too…

Ruddy love you xxxx

Friday, 29 January 2010

I want to look like.......

What an amazing door sis. Art is all around us eh ?

Sounds like you made yet another neighbourhood discovery
yesterday and Science Museum late.

Please schedule date to meet and plan a fabulous itinerary for this country girl.

Off out tonight for my one social occasion of the week with another bumpkin !

So I will leave you with this........

I want my hair to look like Claudias. Sod it, I want everything to look like this.

Ruddy love you sis and have a fabulous Friday night xxxxx

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Detour Door

Hi Sister, sorry I didn’t reply last night I was off out at the Science Museum lates and I just didn’t get a chance, I’m not neglecting you promise! Loved the David Cameron posters - excellent, the boy even sat there giggling with me. I want to know who all the contributors were, I know you get a display name but some of them were excellent! Loved the ‘Tory Story’ one best, with Cameron transformed into Mr Potato head, love it!
Get on your soapbox anytime sis!
Well I’ve been supporting a couple of events this week and I am cream crackered, I feel like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backward. The venue was lovely except the door to the conference room sounded like a woman giving birth, so you can imagine my joy to be free, well for now anyway!
So to chirp me up on my way back to the Pimlico I decided to take a detour and I made some fabulous discoveries. Most prominently Retromania, a charity shop specialising in vintage threads! JOY! It’s a proper rummage shack with antique-y knick knacks, books and old sewing patterns AND there was not only a sale rail, but a £1 rail! Golly, I was in heaven, made a few excellent purchases most notably a lovely gray dogtooth pencil skirt with threads of red, blue & sandy brown running through it, £1! What more can you ask for!
There was an abundance of bakeries & delis as well as lots of little boutique shops for those with more than a few pennies in their purse. Stumbled upon a few more charity shops, and they’re all so pristine with proper good high street label stock – obviously someone other than me watched the Mary Queen of shops charity series! I’m not too sure I’m keen on that though, takes all the fun out of finding a bargainous diamond in the rough. And holding your nose is a small price to pay for a fabulous find!
But aside from the boutiques I spotted this exquisite door, I’m not sure if it’s waiting to be painted or if someone worked really really hard to make it look like this but I just thought it was beautiful. In a street of immaculately manicured town houses this just tipped the balance.

Ruddy love you xxx

Wednesday, 27 January 2010


Sorry sis, I am going to be selfish now, but I must show this as it is soo funny. I'm going to be a little political. Radio 4 was banging on about policies and what the Tories were planning on doing. One of their bright ideas is to reduce Inheritance Tax on the rich - just the people who have made from the boom of the last 15 years and then reduce public spending e.g. NHS to claw some of the cash back. Just had a run in with Tory bird here in the office ahahaa. The next few months will be fun ....

Anyway, India Knight blogged this, but I think this is worth sticking back out there. Very funny - you can make you own !!
Love you sis, in a socialist way xxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Dream a dream of you

God sister I am such a selfish cow! I devour your blogs like mum with a bag of yum yums (ooh, that’s probably a sore subject at the moment, I daren’t mention doughnuts!) but then I go away and think about them and oh I’ll just leave it at selfish, new resolution – start replies with a response! Have I scolded myself suitably?
Golly I do like a slice of Galliano shaped Dior, I just really love his knack for giving a whole look, the make-up, hair its always so extravagant but the garments always look like they fit like a glove. Don’t think there’s much chance of us getting our hands on a piece of Dior anytime soon but I can always dream about that red satin jacket, it would go exquisitely with that ring leader job I just applied for…oh I jest.

So this evening I have been revelling in a Friendly Fires video fest, I’m so pleased they’ve got a Brit nomination for none other than best breakthrough act. But alas alongside JLS, Pixie Lott and our fave Florence (and ruddy La Roux ginger face… I do love Bulletproof but love; honestly you look incredibly uncomfortable in that crap) I’m not too sure how they will fair but it’s so well deserved.

Lead singer Ed is such a wiggle bum and proudly my new boy crush. He’s got something of a clockwork orange stare on him as he intently stares into the camera but this just makes me think of Chris Martin in Coldplay’s Yellow vid (I do not fancy him) except I always think Chris’s going to dribble what with the rain and emotion etc. Anywho, it reminds me of an article from yonks ago in the Guardian where some female journo was saying how ladies just can’t help loving a man that hangs out in the rain to wring his heart out – it’s all Hugh Grant, Four Weddings and a Funeral or something. Except well Ed’s not in the rain, he’s in a studio or in a dusty hot climate but still let me have my vision.

I just love how he jiggles, he truly is moved by the music and even succumbs to the odd pout at times, there’s some femininity to those swivelling hips, maybe it reminds me of the way I dance, who knows. But he’s totally into it and I can only look on with glee, dancing in my chair.

The band put so much effort into their videos, they are gorgeous visual masterpieces and I really applaud this in a relatively new band, they have such vision. I applaud you boys such refreshing sensitivity and obvious hunger for rhythm, I really hope they’re rewarded!

And like one of my most memorable dreams, 1st year at University, concerning a certain Matt from Busted (god I’m cool) I could start dreaming about Ed…

Jump in the POO

Skeleton Boy


Ruddy love you sis xxxx

hello ?

Hey sis, although you have managed to TOTALLY avoid responding to any of my carefully crafted blog on Sunday, I still love you and will comment on your leather wonderings........
you know what. I wasn't far off with that skirt was I ?! You would suit a leather skirt, but it would have A-line and a mini on you with those legs. I love the pencil ones like aggy but its been done now, she managed to get in quick and anything else would a pastiche. We do not do that sis do we ? Well, perhaps sometimes, but this one ain't that good really is it ?

Just a quickie as the boy is going on at me. Just seen this today - Galliano for Dior's new collection - soooooo amazing. I love him, the 40's era, the colours and the cut. Can't wait for this to filter down on to the high street !

And yes, the vintage fest does look really good sis.

Ruddy love you xxxx

Monday, 25 January 2010

Leather lovers unite

So I saw an example of lady fabulousness on the tube home this evening. You know one of those style/lady crushes when you just think ‘Blimey oh riley why can’t I be you?’
She was wearing a fabulous navy pea coat with huge accentuated cuffs, black pointed zippy ankle boots, and my love affair du jour – a black leather pencil skirt. Yes sister, basically I just can’t get over that electric blue mini skirt you thrust at me in H&M that December whilst we were meant to be shopping for our dear brother’s new lady killer garb.

But heck the problem is I just don’t think I could take the plunge, I morn the days of my leafy green leather jacket, oh I thrashed that beauty to death. I still get a lump in my throat when I think of tossing that treasure into a Norfolk wheelie bin, but there was no way I was letting anyone else get their hands on it. And a jacket is one thing, but a skirt?

I have been scouring the internet for a sensible example, I remember seeing this picture of Miss Deyn (haha remember when you thought she was French!) a while back, sporting this fabulous look except well its all a bit too obvious isn’t it? And to top it off, now resolutely very Aygness.

Fearfully everything reminds me of an old pal’s mother who had quite the penchant for leather – be it on her sofa, on her back or on her buns. I seem to remember a blissfully 80s snap of said mum sporting a rather fetching electric blue (there’s that colour again) biker jacket alongside very Fairground Attraction tousled curls and a pair of huge rounded spectacles. Of course with the spectacles & hair comes Aunty Toots and with the song comes Dad, one of his favourite tunes of past. Well with all these ‘older generation’ types breathing down my neck I just can’t bring myself to dive in. Even with the best intentions the boy will probably stifle his guffaws if I bring one home and thus, it would reside itself to the bottom drawer.

Today’s vision of style; the lady on the tube made me think how I too could wear leather, dressed down and insanely sassy. But I shall reside myself to just look, to think and let my imagination run wild. I will not touch. Repeat ‘I will not touch’ – leather skirts, you’re just not for me.

P.S The boy’s work, well they just keep giving, the summer event, let’s degrade it by calling it a ‘team building exercise’ is a weekend with Vintage at Goodwood. It look’s brilliant, the original adventure festival, and its all vintage – I am probably going to go too, although I will have to fund myself, fancy coming with me? A sister adventure, and you could even bring your boy?

Ruddy love you xxxx

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Style and the country

Blimey, that did get to you. And it was only a side snipe. Finally you have recognised that you do like it a bit 'wrong'. Don't get me wrong sis, I love that you have your own style. I never know whether you really love the outfit you put together or just keep going adding stuff, gilding and gilding. You know in that way 'when you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one accessory off', I wondered that you thought, 'sod it, add two' !! I'm with you in frustration - according to mags like Grazia, you is either 'bang on trend' ( i.e. late to the party), have paid to have been styled (and normally wear MC Hammer pants and woolies at home, and no sis, that is meant to be bad) OR you are 'wrong'. Not individual and creative but 'Wrong'. It's not celebrated if you have your own style. Unfortunately real style icons are oft not appreciated in their time. Maybe that isn't actually a bad thing ? Who really want to be appreciated by everyone. As the Rev says 'most people are stupid'.

I think I'm mostly plain and quite androgynous in my looks - contrasting to your style. I always love that look when you can't really tell if its men's or women's clothing. I prefer a simpler silhouette. I think it can be just as sexy as your 'wrong' look but in a different way. Both are not obvious though - so maybe not so different after all ! I'm not really into that 'pretty' thing - always feels odd on me. I remember the article in Vogue you mean - one woman had an old carpet bag that smelt of old animals and one had weird jewelry and another flowery jacket. I loved that. We all have stuff that has a story and makes us feels good. A bit of history to a piece always makes an outfit / home / garden etc. It makes me feel quite sad actually when people say they want to keep up with trends and high street - I wish only more people were as confident as you with styling their own look.

Anyway, things have been less glamorous at my end. I was really excited to see the first flower in our garden today !! Snowdrops peaking out under the tree !!

As this garden is less than a year old to me, I am still discovering what is coming up. At this time of year, with low sun, short days and little plant life, it is life affirming to see tiny bulbs push up through the cold earth and flower again. It reminds me that it will be spring again soon enough. So, on these long winters evenings, I will be sorting out new recipes from my fav Nig's new tome, writing lists of stuff to grow and ordering seeds !! This piece from Jeanette Winterston is just lovely and makes me remember to enjoy this time of year and not wish my life away.......
Ruddy love you xxxxxx

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Wrong - on many levels

So I was reading Grazia daily t’other day, their Best Dressed list was on bright tights and they were celebrating Mischa Barton’s choice of ‘vibrant hosiery’, a pair of purple tights. But with the praise came a mini snipe at the accompanying wardrobe choice. Of course it wasn’t actually her choice as she was in character for a part as a prostitute for an episode of Law and Order. It was the clash of prints Grazia disagreed with.
Now you know me sis, a clash is something personally I appreciate and well the loud leopard print combo is something that’s adorned the pages of my scrap books for years over. Personally I prefer stripes with animal print but florals, they’ll do for me.
So what am I getting at? Well at first I wondered if my dress sense is that of the stereotypical prostitute, I do cherish my battered gold chain link quilted handbag & vintage faux-fur, as Dolly Parton recently said ‘Even if a brilliant designer creates something great for me, I will tacky it up somehow. I just can’t help it’. This is somewhat my new mantra, I’m not saying I’ve suddenly realised that I shouldn’t necessarily ingest everything magazine’s tell me, that’s no break through. But well it reminded me a Vogue article It’s a love-hate thing (I’ll have to dig it out for you seen as I think its a few years old) where Sarah Harris interviewed 8 women about wardrobe items they love but friends loathe. I’ve had my fair share of this, after all you sis, still despise the aforementioned gold bag, (I won’t mention the white leather one) and Aunty Toot’s pussy bow 80s secretary chic blouse – Eleanor purely described it as ‘wrong’. I’m all for sucking it in, going for it and ‘doing my own thing’, I like the next girl wants to bang out the occasional ‘on-trend’ look but I’m certainly not a prissy try hard.
If Barton was out of character and chose to wear the leopard print, floral & ‘vibrant hosiery’ combo who gives a crap, (unless of course it was a personal stylist’s choice) isn’t she just rocking what she’s comfortable in, what she wants? What is so wrong with that, isn’t this the individuality fashionista’s crave?
I’m sticking to my guns, I adore looking ‘wrong’ this is obviously me at my most comfortable so in your face Grazia! (You may note that the Best Dressed article only has a teeny mention of Barton’s outfit but hey, it cut me deep. Also I love Grazia, but this comment ladies, got on my proverbial tits.

Anywho, rant over I was writing this listening to the lovely Florence and the Machine’s Cosmic Love;

(Mel once described Florence's style as 'Wrong', don't get me started) I love her charge from delicate to bellowing vocals – I have been singing along loudly, much to the boy’s distress. Following a party last night where all the girls rid the kitchen of boys by screaming along to Madonna’s ‘Like a prayer’ I find singing at the top of my lungs (out of tune or not) highly empowering – enjoy.

Ruddy love you xxxxx

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Laughed until I cried........

Hey sis,

Yes I remember you and the rock pools - and the little mermaid cossie ! I'm not really bothered by the whole cartoon thing but I know they are often good when you watch them. Alice in Wonderland looks so fantastical !

Thinking of you tonight and hope lots of people turn up to the 1st meet of book club. Got a right headache today and was feeling a little under the pressure (detailing up a water feature. I am so rock and roll) so felt the need for 5 mins me time. This is soooooooo good. It might even be better than YBF !! Specials Compare the Meerkat
guarrantees tears rolling down my face - hope you like it as much as I do !

Ruddy love you xxxxxxx

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Little Mermaid has been wronged

I just found this 'Part of your world - Techno Mix'...I feel violated


Charity Shop

Sis, hope you’re having an early one tonight? Any excuse to get into snoozy heaven! Vogue, beer and bath sounds heavenly except I never have got to grips with reading in the bath, Cazza always does it then end ends up falling asleep, she must lose a lot of books to those murky waters!

Alice in Wonderland looks breathtaking; although I am mega disappointed to see so much computer- generated-frippery…they just can’t leave it alone! I am quite excited about Disney’s ‘The Frog Princess’ – take a look, I know Disney’s not so much your thing but the frog prince’s got a touch of Little Mermaid’s Sebastian, that crossed with Mr Boombastic himself; mmmm Shaggy! Good ol’ fashioned fun! Reminds me of scouring the rock pools singing “Les poisons Les poisons Hee hee hee Hah hah hah” memories! (Haha I snuck that link in there).

So i'm planning for Book group tomorrow, i've collected a nice selection of books covering genres from Erotic fiction to Travel writing - 7 titles at 50p a pop from this amezzin charity shop down the road from work. It's actually called 'Charity Shop' simple but effective! It's a proper jumble sale with everything at a set price, and it doesn't smell of wee! Pleasant surprise, although the clothes looked a bit crusty, so I stuck to the books. I got a little bit excited and must have had about 12 at one point, I reeled myself back in, 12 prizes is quite a lot for a pass the parcel! I shall have to reveal THE star prize tomorrow...can't let anyone get wind of it, it's from Poundland - top quality!
Anywho gotta go, wrapping to do!
Ruddy love you xxxxxxx

Tuesday, 19 January 2010


Am shattered. Been on site all day in the middle of nowwhere and not a moment to communicate with you as per. Will make this short as have date with Vogue, beer and bath. The boy out on some high powered business dinner. Or egos & expanding waistline on expenses.

Anyway, excited about Alice in Wonderland (Burton / Bonham Carter / Depp team as per look amezzin) and perhaps you can link this into STALK mag. Check out the trailer.

AND you were asking about good nosh in Brixton - read about rosie's deli cafe.

We can go here next time I pop down to the smoke ? Looks yummy

Ruddy love you xxxxxx