Sunday, 24 January 2010

Style and the country

Blimey, that did get to you. And it was only a side snipe. Finally you have recognised that you do like it a bit 'wrong'. Don't get me wrong sis, I love that you have your own style. I never know whether you really love the outfit you put together or just keep going adding stuff, gilding and gilding. You know in that way 'when you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one accessory off', I wondered that you thought, 'sod it, add two' !! I'm with you in frustration - according to mags like Grazia, you is either 'bang on trend' ( i.e. late to the party), have paid to have been styled (and normally wear MC Hammer pants and woolies at home, and no sis, that is meant to be bad) OR you are 'wrong'. Not individual and creative but 'Wrong'. It's not celebrated if you have your own style. Unfortunately real style icons are oft not appreciated in their time. Maybe that isn't actually a bad thing ? Who really want to be appreciated by everyone. As the Rev says 'most people are stupid'.

I think I'm mostly plain and quite androgynous in my looks - contrasting to your style. I always love that look when you can't really tell if its men's or women's clothing. I prefer a simpler silhouette. I think it can be just as sexy as your 'wrong' look but in a different way. Both are not obvious though - so maybe not so different after all ! I'm not really into that 'pretty' thing - always feels odd on me. I remember the article in Vogue you mean - one woman had an old carpet bag that smelt of old animals and one had weird jewelry and another flowery jacket. I loved that. We all have stuff that has a story and makes us feels good. A bit of history to a piece always makes an outfit / home / garden etc. It makes me feel quite sad actually when people say they want to keep up with trends and high street - I wish only more people were as confident as you with styling their own look.

Anyway, things have been less glamorous at my end. I was really excited to see the first flower in our garden today !! Snowdrops peaking out under the tree !!

As this garden is less than a year old to me, I am still discovering what is coming up. At this time of year, with low sun, short days and little plant life, it is life affirming to see tiny bulbs push up through the cold earth and flower again. It reminds me that it will be spring again soon enough. So, on these long winters evenings, I will be sorting out new recipes from my fav Nig's new tome, writing lists of stuff to grow and ordering seeds !! This piece from Jeanette Winterston is just lovely and makes me remember to enjoy this time of year and not wish my life away.......
Ruddy love you xxxxxx

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