Saturday, 30 January 2010

Hairy Moments

Sister you can look life this (I like the blouse) god she’s a beauty, I want to be her too.
Today, I finally had my hair cut which was actually for once an enjoyable experience. Both me and the boy for once got the dos we wanted – imagine that! And, I learnt that my hair can look Charlotte-esq groomed and bouncy, what’s going on? I didn’t want to throw a bag over my head as soon as I left! The hairdresser explained everything she was doing and even explained the right way to back-comb (an important tool for me!). If you fancy waiting to get your bonce seen to for a few weeks I would highly recommend this place in Clapham, even got a head massage, you’d be in heaven, I was a little uncomfortable…I think I’m like mum in that way!
But well, my stylist; an Australian lovely, reminded me very much of Geri Halliwell. The ginger & blonde was rife, but she looked fabulous with a modest, less cultivated rack! So I couldn’t help but come home thinking of the Spice Girls’ 2010 Brit Award nomination for most memorable performance ever (as it’s the Brit’s 30th).

Oh my, every time I watch this I get a lump in my throat, I don’t know why I just feel so emotional watching it. I still think its one of the best pop songs ever; I don’t think I’ll ever be so affected by another group. And I think they would still be really successful if they were starting out today, they just had something and defied ‘fashion’ by creating their own style. Oh it was love at first sight wasn’t it sis, I know you’ve heard me harp on about them so, and I was so disappointed when we saw them again at the O2, they just didn’t have ‘it’ anymore. Which is such a shame but perhaps these things are best left in the past.
So please enjoy, it fills with so much excitement and joie de vivre as they say, I’m glad they burnt out when they did, I just don’t think I could have coped otherwise, the excitement would have been too much.

But don’t worry sis, I found something for you too…

Ruddy love you xxxx

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