Monday, 25 January 2010

Leather lovers unite

So I saw an example of lady fabulousness on the tube home this evening. You know one of those style/lady crushes when you just think ‘Blimey oh riley why can’t I be you?’
She was wearing a fabulous navy pea coat with huge accentuated cuffs, black pointed zippy ankle boots, and my love affair du jour – a black leather pencil skirt. Yes sister, basically I just can’t get over that electric blue mini skirt you thrust at me in H&M that December whilst we were meant to be shopping for our dear brother’s new lady killer garb.

But heck the problem is I just don’t think I could take the plunge, I morn the days of my leafy green leather jacket, oh I thrashed that beauty to death. I still get a lump in my throat when I think of tossing that treasure into a Norfolk wheelie bin, but there was no way I was letting anyone else get their hands on it. And a jacket is one thing, but a skirt?

I have been scouring the internet for a sensible example, I remember seeing this picture of Miss Deyn (haha remember when you thought she was French!) a while back, sporting this fabulous look except well its all a bit too obvious isn’t it? And to top it off, now resolutely very Aygness.

Fearfully everything reminds me of an old pal’s mother who had quite the penchant for leather – be it on her sofa, on her back or on her buns. I seem to remember a blissfully 80s snap of said mum sporting a rather fetching electric blue (there’s that colour again) biker jacket alongside very Fairground Attraction tousled curls and a pair of huge rounded spectacles. Of course with the spectacles & hair comes Aunty Toots and with the song comes Dad, one of his favourite tunes of past. Well with all these ‘older generation’ types breathing down my neck I just can’t bring myself to dive in. Even with the best intentions the boy will probably stifle his guffaws if I bring one home and thus, it would reside itself to the bottom drawer.

Today’s vision of style; the lady on the tube made me think how I too could wear leather, dressed down and insanely sassy. But I shall reside myself to just look, to think and let my imagination run wild. I will not touch. Repeat ‘I will not touch’ – leather skirts, you’re just not for me.

P.S The boy’s work, well they just keep giving, the summer event, let’s degrade it by calling it a ‘team building exercise’ is a weekend with Vintage at Goodwood. It look’s brilliant, the original adventure festival, and its all vintage – I am probably going to go too, although I will have to fund myself, fancy coming with me? A sister adventure, and you could even bring your boy?

Ruddy love you xxxx

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