Thursday, 28 January 2010

Detour Door

Hi Sister, sorry I didn’t reply last night I was off out at the Science Museum lates and I just didn’t get a chance, I’m not neglecting you promise! Loved the David Cameron posters - excellent, the boy even sat there giggling with me. I want to know who all the contributors were, I know you get a display name but some of them were excellent! Loved the ‘Tory Story’ one best, with Cameron transformed into Mr Potato head, love it!
Get on your soapbox anytime sis!
Well I’ve been supporting a couple of events this week and I am cream crackered, I feel like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backward. The venue was lovely except the door to the conference room sounded like a woman giving birth, so you can imagine my joy to be free, well for now anyway!
So to chirp me up on my way back to the Pimlico I decided to take a detour and I made some fabulous discoveries. Most prominently Retromania, a charity shop specialising in vintage threads! JOY! It’s a proper rummage shack with antique-y knick knacks, books and old sewing patterns AND there was not only a sale rail, but a £1 rail! Golly, I was in heaven, made a few excellent purchases most notably a lovely gray dogtooth pencil skirt with threads of red, blue & sandy brown running through it, £1! What more can you ask for!
There was an abundance of bakeries & delis as well as lots of little boutique shops for those with more than a few pennies in their purse. Stumbled upon a few more charity shops, and they’re all so pristine with proper good high street label stock – obviously someone other than me watched the Mary Queen of shops charity series! I’m not too sure I’m keen on that though, takes all the fun out of finding a bargainous diamond in the rough. And holding your nose is a small price to pay for a fabulous find!
But aside from the boutiques I spotted this exquisite door, I’m not sure if it’s waiting to be painted or if someone worked really really hard to make it look like this but I just thought it was beautiful. In a street of immaculately manicured town houses this just tipped the balance.

Ruddy love you xxx

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