Saturday, 23 January 2010

Wrong - on many levels

So I was reading Grazia daily t’other day, their Best Dressed list was on bright tights and they were celebrating Mischa Barton’s choice of ‘vibrant hosiery’, a pair of purple tights. But with the praise came a mini snipe at the accompanying wardrobe choice. Of course it wasn’t actually her choice as she was in character for a part as a prostitute for an episode of Law and Order. It was the clash of prints Grazia disagreed with.
Now you know me sis, a clash is something personally I appreciate and well the loud leopard print combo is something that’s adorned the pages of my scrap books for years over. Personally I prefer stripes with animal print but florals, they’ll do for me.
So what am I getting at? Well at first I wondered if my dress sense is that of the stereotypical prostitute, I do cherish my battered gold chain link quilted handbag & vintage faux-fur, as Dolly Parton recently said ‘Even if a brilliant designer creates something great for me, I will tacky it up somehow. I just can’t help it’. This is somewhat my new mantra, I’m not saying I’ve suddenly realised that I shouldn’t necessarily ingest everything magazine’s tell me, that’s no break through. But well it reminded me a Vogue article It’s a love-hate thing (I’ll have to dig it out for you seen as I think its a few years old) where Sarah Harris interviewed 8 women about wardrobe items they love but friends loathe. I’ve had my fair share of this, after all you sis, still despise the aforementioned gold bag, (I won’t mention the white leather one) and Aunty Toot’s pussy bow 80s secretary chic blouse – Eleanor purely described it as ‘wrong’. I’m all for sucking it in, going for it and ‘doing my own thing’, I like the next girl wants to bang out the occasional ‘on-trend’ look but I’m certainly not a prissy try hard.
If Barton was out of character and chose to wear the leopard print, floral & ‘vibrant hosiery’ combo who gives a crap, (unless of course it was a personal stylist’s choice) isn’t she just rocking what she’s comfortable in, what she wants? What is so wrong with that, isn’t this the individuality fashionista’s crave?
I’m sticking to my guns, I adore looking ‘wrong’ this is obviously me at my most comfortable so in your face Grazia! (You may note that the Best Dressed article only has a teeny mention of Barton’s outfit but hey, it cut me deep. Also I love Grazia, but this comment ladies, got on my proverbial tits.

Anywho, rant over I was writing this listening to the lovely Florence and the Machine’s Cosmic Love;

(Mel once described Florence's style as 'Wrong', don't get me started) I love her charge from delicate to bellowing vocals – I have been singing along loudly, much to the boy’s distress. Following a party last night where all the girls rid the kitchen of boys by screaming along to Madonna’s ‘Like a prayer’ I find singing at the top of my lungs (out of tune or not) highly empowering – enjoy.

Ruddy love you xxxxx

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