Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Charity Shop

Sis, hope you’re having an early one tonight? Any excuse to get into snoozy heaven! Vogue, beer and bath sounds heavenly except I never have got to grips with reading in the bath, Cazza always does it then end ends up falling asleep, she must lose a lot of books to those murky waters!

Alice in Wonderland looks breathtaking; although I am mega disappointed to see so much computer- generated-frippery…they just can’t leave it alone! I am quite excited about Disney’s ‘The Frog Princess’ – take a look, I know Disney’s not so much your thing but the frog prince’s got a touch of Little Mermaid’s Sebastian, that crossed with Mr Boombastic himself; mmmm Shaggy! Good ol’ fashioned fun! Reminds me of scouring the rock pools singing “Les poisons Les poisons Hee hee hee Hah hah hah” memories! (Haha I snuck that link in there).

So i'm planning for Book group tomorrow, i've collected a nice selection of books covering genres from Erotic fiction to Travel writing - 7 titles at 50p a pop from this amezzin charity shop down the road from work. It's actually called 'Charity Shop' simple but effective! It's a proper jumble sale with everything at a set price, and it doesn't smell of wee! Pleasant surprise, although the clothes looked a bit crusty, so I stuck to the books. I got a little bit excited and must have had about 12 at one point, I reeled myself back in, 12 prizes is quite a lot for a pass the parcel! I shall have to reveal THE star prize tomorrow...can't let anyone get wind of it, it's from Poundland - top quality!
Anywho gotta go, wrapping to do!
Ruddy love you xxxxxxx

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