Tuesday, 26 January 2010

hello ?

Hey sis, although you have managed to TOTALLY avoid responding to any of my carefully crafted blog on Sunday, I still love you and will comment on your leather wonderings........
you know what. I wasn't far off with that skirt was I ?! You would suit a leather skirt, but it would have A-line and a mini on you with those legs. I love the pencil ones like aggy but its been done now, she managed to get in quick and anything else would a pastiche. We do not do that sis do we ? Well, perhaps sometimes, but this one ain't that good really is it ?

Just a quickie as the boy is going on at me. Just seen this today - Galliano for Dior's new collection - soooooo amazing. I love him, the 40's era, the colours and the cut. Can't wait for this to filter down on to the high street !

And yes, the vintage fest does look really good sis.

Ruddy love you xxxx

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