Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Dream a dream of you

God sister I am such a selfish cow! I devour your blogs like mum with a bag of yum yums (ooh, that’s probably a sore subject at the moment, I daren’t mention doughnuts!) but then I go away and think about them and oh I’ll just leave it at selfish, new resolution – start replies with a response! Have I scolded myself suitably?
Golly I do like a slice of Galliano shaped Dior, I just really love his knack for giving a whole look, the make-up, hair its always so extravagant but the garments always look like they fit like a glove. Don’t think there’s much chance of us getting our hands on a piece of Dior anytime soon but I can always dream about that red satin jacket, it would go exquisitely with that ring leader job I just applied for…oh I jest.

So this evening I have been revelling in a Friendly Fires video fest, I’m so pleased they’ve got a Brit nomination for none other than best breakthrough act. But alas alongside JLS, Pixie Lott and our fave Florence (and ruddy La Roux ginger face… I do love Bulletproof but love; honestly you look incredibly uncomfortable in that crap) I’m not too sure how they will fair but it’s so well deserved.

Lead singer Ed is such a wiggle bum and proudly my new boy crush. He’s got something of a clockwork orange stare on him as he intently stares into the camera but this just makes me think of Chris Martin in Coldplay’s Yellow vid (I do not fancy him) except I always think Chris’s going to dribble what with the rain and emotion etc. Anywho, it reminds me of an article from yonks ago in the Guardian where some female journo was saying how ladies just can’t help loving a man that hangs out in the rain to wring his heart out – it’s all Hugh Grant, Four Weddings and a Funeral or something. Except well Ed’s not in the rain, he’s in a studio or in a dusty hot climate but still let me have my vision.

I just love how he jiggles, he truly is moved by the music and even succumbs to the odd pout at times, there’s some femininity to those swivelling hips, maybe it reminds me of the way I dance, who knows. But he’s totally into it and I can only look on with glee, dancing in my chair.

The band put so much effort into their videos, they are gorgeous visual masterpieces and I really applaud this in a relatively new band, they have such vision. I applaud you boys such refreshing sensitivity and obvious hunger for rhythm, I really hope they’re rewarded!

And like one of my most memorable dreams, 1st year at University, concerning a certain Matt from Busted (god I’m cool) I could start dreaming about Ed…

Jump in the POO

Skeleton Boy


Ruddy love you sis xxxx

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