Sunday, 31 January 2010

Sunday night already ........

So glad you like your hair cut and the boy too. Sounds like a good hairdresser sis - they are so hard to find. Thinking of going back as I said to that old one I had, she was a bit too fond of thinning my hair out but it always sat right and I got lots of complements from her haircuts.....

Anyway, thanks for posting the vids - I had tears in my eyes watching the Spice Girls again ! It was a memorable performance and so of its time. That was the year that was, what with New Labour etc. It was a strange time wasn't it then ? I think the 80's was defined by money and ambition and the 90's kinda forgot that, almost blasé about what had happened the decade before. Women in the 80's were out trying to 'have it all' and following Maggie, expected to achieve the same as men....somehow that seemed a bit forgotten in the 90's - I might be talking trash but the Spice Girls resembled a new era - girls going out there being girls and still achieving (they were just 5 'girls next door', not particularly talented (ahem), beautiful or bright). We could write a dissertation on Spice Girls and Feminism but they certainly bought something new didn't they ? Other Girl bands were just that, just pretty girls 'performing'. The Spice Girls managed themselves and knew what they wanted - the world ! Unfortunately they weren't all really what they seemed - ravaged by eating disorders and depression, not quite the confident 'own' women image they presented. Maybe we can't actually have it all ? *

I think of Noodles saying years ago that we were bereft of strong female women in the music industry - not since the 80's rock chicks and divas had there really been our fair share of high profile creative women - yes, for sure the cream rises to the top, but there were only a few. I think it took a good decade for women to come out again in force - take the music industry and note how many popular and critically acclaimed female artists there are now. Do think they were inspired by the Spice Girls as little girls like you ?

We live in a very exciting era - personally I am not sure it is especially creative in any way (take another decade and recognise its individuality - aren't we just churning out the old stuff in a Noughties stylee ?) BUT we have more opportunities than ever (both as men or women) to do, achieve or be what we want. There are no excuses. Sure nepotism will give you a head start** but a teeny tiny bit of talent/ skill and a LOT of hard work will get you where ever you want nowadays.

Perhaps this is a little too much of a contrast, but I love this picture from 1910 by Christopher Pratt, Bradford .

From the Guardians' 100 years of great press photographs.
Totally different era - perhaps history at school should contrast our own times with other more readily rather than just outlining the regular time lines and questions. It really isn't that long ago ? Look at these women. It was such a hard time for the working classes and they knew opportunities rarely existed out of that hardship. But look at the friendships and sparkle the women have. They still look optimistic. I am not sure what I am trying to say here but I wish people recognised jsut how far we have come (however, refer back to * !).

Phew, shall I call it a day on this rant ? Anyway, good to remember how optimistic I felt about 1997 - the Spice Girls epitomise that for me. And I still feel that girl power !!

Ruddy love you spice sister xxxxxxxxxxxxx

* We haven't managed it yet, and I wonder that being able to have babies put us at a power disadvantage to men. Are they jealous and distrustful of our capabilties - what can they do that we can't ? So how come we still can't have it all ? Can we ever have it all ? Do we really want to ? Does anyone know the answer ? Not sure I even know the question I am asking.

**Made me sick the other day - Annie Lennox's and Paul Weller's offspring, with an actress, Clara Paget, doing a shoot for Times' Style magazine, showing Charlotte Temperleys new defusion collection. I wouldn't mind if they actually did something, but JUST being a child of someone who is successful ? Have some dignity !

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