Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Calling up the promise land

The BBC have certainly got some tricks up their sleeves as we leap into May, certainly for nostalgic cravers like moi! Their original mammoth drama project designed to span decades past was scrapped in favour of raking up the 80s - excellent!
So what's on the menu? Well there's something for everyone - A Boy George biopic featuring Gavin & Stacey's Matthew Horne as Culture Club's drummer and George's secret love interest; Jon Moss. A Welsh drama focused on life under Thatcher set with a backdrop of the Royal Wedding of Charles & Diana. And (yes there is more) an adaptation of Martin Amis' dark comedy Money with Shaun of the Dead's Nick Frost in the driving seat and Jerry Hall riding shotgun. Needless to say I'm excited, it's good to be reminded that we actually pay our licence fee for a reason; to get some decent gritty viewing rather than re-runs of Come Dine with me (my Sunday early evening guilty pleasure...I can literally waste hours).
So, rather neatly tying in...this week (and the week before and the...) I have been mostly listening to the Human League. My current fave was released in 1990, but still - the intro, all the hair... still reeks of the 80s. Enjoy xxx (even the boy knows all the words now, goddammit its catchy!)

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  1. I know it is still a little passe to love Charles and Di but that dress ! What a princess, its a fairytale wedding. I've off to re read my Di books and first scrapbook from 1983.