Friday, 9 April 2010

Friday i'm in love

A Friday Treat for you - the extended SATC 2 Trailer! Aidan is back? WTF! Oh Lordy I love Aidan, hunky as hell, EYE CANDY ALERT - what about Big, how is it all going to unfold, I just don't know, so many questions, I don't think I need to tell you that I'm excited! (Hence all the block capitals)....
So anyway, calmed myself down a little now, and from one hunk to another - Dhruv! Yes I sat down last night to 2 hours of glorious Food Heaven, and happily saw Drhuv sail to victory. And handily The Evening Standard satisfied my need for more by tying up the tale with a neat little bow in this article in yesterday's paper - I actually gasped out loud when I saw him on the cover, so proud!
Last night I not only entertained the idea of sampling new culinary delights, but inspired by Masterchef, me and the boy took the plunge and purchased some scallops! Wowee, I hear you say - well this is a big thing for me since the only fish I ever used to eat came in batter. Now I've notched up prawns and tuna steaks on my list of fishy loves, scallops surely will follow! Poached in a delicious milky Thai green curry (which I basically made...with the help of some paste) the first bite was a little fishy (the off-putter for me, silly as it may be) but there after there was just this lovely soft melt-in-the-mouth consistency that slipped down very well indeed. I'm all hyped to try more...perhaps this tomato & Chorizo accompaniment will be next on the list. The beautiful thing about them is they're so quick to cook.
Perfect and light for the sunshine, talking of sunshine I was walking along the Thames to this earlier. Doesn't sunshine just bring such joy and such over excitement, not quite ready for breaking out the sandals yet, but fingers crossed!


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  1. oh my oh my oh my - this movie looks sooooooooo good doesn't it ? I am tres excited. I even had palpatations when I watched this and was short of breath, I didn't think they could do any more - I hope its as good as it looks so far !