Tuesday, 13 April 2010

That's crazy

Sister, so here's a picture of me making a cake, in my housewife florals but minus the heels! I don't know if it's something to do with the time of year or if it's my age but I am currently very distracted by those tasks I used to joke about and brush off as 'middle aged'. Sunday was gardening with the boy (Spring onions, salad leaves & beans planted) and today was perfecting a peppered Poussin with a creamy mushroom sauce - it was delicious thanks. And then there's obviously politics, The Stylist offered their next 'cut out and keep' installment of party politics today, this time with the Conservatives and I also came across Vote Match a painless quiz that compiles your views on current issues to decide which team you really cheer for - thankfully I unveiled no big surprise, but what will you come up with?
And what other better way to gain maturity and awareness than to beef up my knowledge of language. Yesterday's Dictionary.com word of the day was 'neologism' meaning a new word or expression. So how else am I to educate myself and witness a bit of neoglogism than to head to
Urban Dictionary and get on top of all the lingo spouted by those pretty young thangs. Fave new words & phrases include Stealth-call, Bootyism, Stall waiting and that's crazy...I guess you will just have to look them up to find out why!

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  1. Its you age !! ahahahaa It is very 'on-trend' yuck yuck to be into house-wifey stuff, cooking, cleaning, gardening. But then you weren't called 'wife' at University for nothing - I reckon you have always loved those things !