Thursday, 8 April 2010

Drool dhruv

no, not him, well I suppose he isn't unattractive, but so pleased Dhruv won !! He was certainly the best.

I know you loved Alex (and how I dislike him - I don't know what it is about his smuggy effusive smerky privileged clean posh personality I don't warm to) but he just wasn't that good on the day - I do agree that he did do some good stuff and is more left wing and interesting.

How do these people get to be so good ? All three guys were bright and exceptional talented people in their own rights, but they can cook brilliantly too ! I have always wondered what they can taste that I can't. I'd love to try those dishes they all made last night and see for myself what truly amazing food is like.

I suppose with all that free time now, I can get out into the garden and finish that digging and start the brick circle and planting !

hmmmmmmmmmmm I do like my grub. xxxxxxxxxx

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  1. He is a bit of hunk isn't he...not sure what it is but well it is what it is! I'm not quite sure I approve of all this Alex-hate, he is just such a lovely genuine chap, what's wrong with that? I think I may start up an Alex fan club! I'd definately visit his restaurant if he opened one, I fancy trying the battered & fried pig's ear, see he's so passionate about produce! I reckon him and Heston could cook up a storm!
    I was totally in awe of the finalist's cooking, everything was so different and inspired, I feel like I could cook maybe 2 decent plates of food but they just have such an extensive repertoire it's brilliant - that truly is a passion for cooking!
    What will I do with myself now? Oh yeah my 'projects'....