Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Pull up to the bumper baby

There was an excellent Grace Jones interview in the Guardian magazine on Saturday. I have such mixed feelings towards the woman, she is undoubtedly an icon on so many levels but I can't help feeling somewhat put off by her. The aggression and outright sexuality can be a little hard to swallow, so it was refreshing to read an interview where she came across as just a bit of an opinionated party girl. I guess you need to have balls to succeed in the music industry, to be renowned and talked about for so many decades, you need to have a strong sense of character and Grace Jones is more than just memorable. She reads like a bit of a whirlwind but now I feel better acquainted with her and equipped to really appreciate her style.
I also loved how the journalist tried to hint at a touch of animosity between Jones and Lady Gaga. Really, she just doesn't care and has always been famed for telling it how it is but I bet Gaga will be more than a little down heartened to read what Jones has got to say about her...

But now, moving away from the pop playground politics to a little musical starlet; Ellie Goulding. I thought she was pretty pants when I saw her banging a drum (like she really meant it) on the Brit Awards Nomination party but I have since developed quite a liking for her (lordy I am fickle). There is something resolutely chipmunk (as in the cartoon) about her voice and the album keeps reminding me of Fivestar's Silk & Steel, although I'm not entirely sure why. Dominic Burn off of the Chris Moyles show coyly described her as having an amazing voice, and I'd have to agree. I also like the way she says 'love' in this song.


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  1. I am with you sister on Grace Jones. Fascinating scary woman. And she just don't care about Gaga ! And do you know what ? The way that Golding says 'Lou-ve' is really annoying. One mans meat is another man poisson !