Wednesday, 17 February 2010

A little of what you fancy

Well what a glorious day it was today! Apparently its back to the miserable rainy gloom tomorrow but for today let's revel in the glory of a beautiful spring day by listening to this...

Makes me want to cry every time, this version is even worse there's a massive great orchestra and then they bring out the big guns towards the end when the choir chirps up! Well that's me done for the day!
Today's word of the day - hypnagogic; very interesting not sure I'll ever use it but I'm now glad to say I know it well! Loving the Fashion Editor at Large blog, I like her tone!
Have you seen the new chocolate bar shaped phone sis? What will they think of next? I think if it was shaped like a cake, we might be more interested? Here is my interpretation of what that kind of phone would look like...
I know, my artistic skills truly know no bounds

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