Thursday, 11 February 2010

Saturday ! Saturday ! is party night !

Ok sister, FINALLY I am putting up the fun form Saturday night....... there is no point me writing lots about it, frankly the pics say it all.

So, we headed back to your neck of the woods whilst the boys went out and we stayed in with Cazza.

We planned a 5 course meal...not sure it was that in the end ? Well anyway, we started with your apple mojitos which were well lush !

Then the other courses were ......

Fig, red leaf and serrano ham salad -

this was so lush.

And 'My big fat greek burgers'

Then this is what it looked like on the table ! Your table cloth looked lovely.

Ginger helping out

Nice buns

And the pudding, should have looked like this......

Actaully looking like .........

And it went daaaaaaannnnnneeeeeee man........

the sisters wigging out !

It was so nice seeing you sister.....lovely night. Its now time to arrange out big day out in the smoke !! Do it sister ! Do it naaaawwwwwww !

Love you sister xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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