Monday, 1 February 2010

Carry on up the duff

Well sis, I have just read your next blog and well I have responded to your previous so…I will have to mull over your second. Also I was going to write something incredibly unimportant about pens…so I’ll save that for more of a ‘lazy’ day hehehe.

Ah sis I truly am digging this opportunity to harp on atop our soap boxes, why didn’t we do this sooner? I totally agree with everything you said, it’s interesting actually that nowadays basically women can do what ever they want – it’s the men that are restricted especially in fashion and employment. If a woman wants to be a butcher or a builder good on her, but a man wants to be a nanny, well it’s hardly celebrated is it? Boyfriend blazer, boyfriend Jeans, ladies once bored of their own wardrobe can just explore their lover’s. But David Beckham in that skirt, well we all know what we thought. But times are changing; men are getting manicures nowadays what will be next?

Will we see a complete role reversal, will we see this revolution go full circle or as you touched on with women having the power in child birth, will women become completely independent of men?
Although interestingly Scott Moore, apparently the 2nd man ever to get pregnant is due to drop this month, could this spark the beginning of a new balance of power? It’s a pretty queasy thought but could this be the future?

Any who, there’s certainly one woman that we will both agree is a female icon for the now; (even if it is purely because she is so ruddy amazing) Beyonce. Well flicking the music channels the other day I’d forgotten this gem, before Sweet Dreams & Single Ladies was this jaw dropping joy. Who ever has styled her has actually chosen some more flouncy & romantic outfits rather than the norm which frequently leaves little to the imagination.
The sweat in the opening scene, the accentuated gum chews when she’s draping herself over Jay-Z, dancing in the dust and oh all the gloves – it’s a feast for the eyes. This was Beyonce before she became a woman, god I love her.

I ruddy love you more though! (Goes without saying) xxxx

What will happen when she get's pregnant, food for thought? No she will just look even more fabulous, damnit!

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