Tuesday, 23 March 2010

We got Specs appeal

Also found this lovely ode to specs on Jezebel - I love this website, last week they were having a debate on which cake rules over all competition. It's an American site so some of the references are lost on me (i.e they have a cake called 'a grasshopper') but still...
I hate it when people buy fake NHS style specs in an attempt to channel 'geek chic', as you can agree sister with your chum wanting to buy a pair. They certainly do look good on some people, but bless, not everyone! I remember when Mel B in the Spice Girls heyday was hailed as a trendsetter and icon for parading her poor eyesight and wearing her frames. But well, for people like us who simply can't ruddy see without them, it's a bit of a poke in the eye - yes we want to make this essential face furniture accessorise with our look but who can afford multiple frames and really at the end of the day I'd pick sight over blindness any day - its not really an option. This page celebrates ladies who wear their prescription with pride, whatever the weather!

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  1. Blimey do you remember the mess we looked as children in specs ? I was looking at old school pics with Ma the other week - only a mother could love 'em. I love having the choice now with specs or contacts. I was so pleased when I finally got lenses, I felt horrible always wearing glasses. I suppose its never cool as a child to wear them. Library chic now ! xxxxxxxx