Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Quilty pleasures

Sister (good title eh ? shame its not mine - knicked it from libertys latest installation...)
FINALLY I think I have seen what I would like to do as a quilt / wall hanging -

I have so many little scraps of fabric - many that are sentimental but random colours. I don't think I have the treasure chest of fabrics that would work together in a colourful traditional styled quilt but I think this one would be lovely and not look too crazy.
Found via Guardian and their article on the V&A quilting exhibition. This quilt is the work of a prisoner "Instead of smashing up your cell you can channel your aggression in a positive way. I usually spend about two to three hours an evening doing tapestry work. It helps you realise there are alternatives to committing crime”, says one of the inmates at HMP Albany

Makes you think - sewing is so medative and relaxing - you have to be calm and slow.



  1. I am starting to realise that I spend far too much time sewing things for other people (comment not aimed at anyone in particular ahem *you* ahem hahahahahaha) and not enough time sewing for myself. A few hours an evening sounds like bliss, I'm always up against the clock working on projects for pressies so working to my own timescale might be a nice change. I also want to do a painting...where's the time for all this aye, spring is so inspiring! I just better pull my finger out! xxx

  2. hmmmmm I am trying to think of what sewing projects you have done for me and there are LOADS !! Sister pl-ease will you do the blind thing for me tho ? Oh and a painting sounds nice. But I don't think you mean for me either do you !!