Saturday, 27 March 2010

The bitch is back

Sister, Nash is back and I'm not sure I'm that excited - it's not got the pop punch of 'Made of Bricks' it's just a little short of something. Also looking at her, well I was reminded a lot of Pamola Faith and that's no good thing, she's kind of snuck in and stolen the lime light in Nash's absence, yes Pamola is more styled and her music doesn't really match up to the outfits but I'm still left wondering is there room left for both of them?
I loved Nash, yes even after she told me (not personally), and the Norwich audience at her gig to shut up because she couldn't hear herself singing (don't make your music so ruddy catchy then!) but has she been away too long?
Yes this is the voice of fickle youth talking but well if you're gonna stay away that long, at least come back with another Foundations or Pumpkin Soup or Mariella, what is this Do ruddy dah aye? Lazy work Nash, and is it just me or does the video just look a bit 'done' - get over it love, you used to be my beacon; moody, stylish, eloquent (a beloved fan of annunciation), opinionated and ruddy fabulous...
This song is probably a grower, I will be raving about it in a couple of weeks



  1. I agree sister - its catchy but a little lame. Mind you she is doing that "tricky 2nd album". And weren't some of her best tracks not singles on the album before ? Give her a chance sister (mind you she was right mardy on tv once) xxxxxxxxx

  2. I don't feel much love for her either, but the tune is probably a grower x